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I absolutely loved living in Bruges. After 3 years however, I had done the tour of the city and wanted to move somewhere else in Belgium, nearer to my kids and friends.

Antwerp seemed to be a positive change . I had the opportunity to live for a couple of months in a friends house whilst this was giving me the time to look around for finding a new home for myself.

The fun of going to a big city, I mean for belgian standards is the possibility of finding a variety of places to live and also to have a choice in different kind of homes… I saw quite a lot of places the last weeks and the more I saw the more I knew what I didn’t want and what I was attracted to.


Well my friends, I found one morning looking around my nose in the air some offices for rent in the middle of the city centre, under the cathedral of Antwerp and near to the Boerentoren, a well known landmark in Antwerp.


I found this incredible space of 200 sq. meters with rooms to create a living/office space, kitchen, bedroom and a huge dressing room, for my less and less collection of clothes…. I can make an enormous outside garden on top of the roofs of the first floor with a urban view.



Some pictures that I took on my first visit.

My idea is to keep the office “look”and make a quite comfortable space to live in… Next post I will show you the results of the beginning works of the changing from office to home.


Thanks for reading this teaser.








  1. Fantastic !!!!! I’m curious how you will decorate the place. I come to your housewarming party J

    Big kisses


    • Bonjour Isabelle…

      ik lanceer de nieuwe trend in wonen KANTOORWONEN met de eigenheid van het kantoor behouden..

      bij deze alvast geïnviteerd ….
      en van harte welkom in antwerpen,, ik inviteer je voor een lunch bij coffeelabs de zaak van de dochter van Carine Heeren.

  2. Benoit, stuur je mij eens je adres van Antwerpen op ?
    Gros kiss


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