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My apartment, evolution since begin september.

In Decoration, I like, Interior Architects on 18/10/2013 at 15:44

I love doing homes for my clients, doing it for myself is different, of course because I have a low budget and I want to let my creativity be a base for an ever changing interior.

That is the reason why I choose white as blank canvas in the reception/show room spaces and adjacent my kitchen.

I rent an office space in a building from the 1970’s. It has been empty for over 4 years and was in a dirty, bad state. A lot of cleaning and new floors were the first things to do. Well the cleaning was okee, but it took a month to put the floor. Wooden panels, whom have to be lacquered in white paint. Handyman, who after 3 weeks said to me that painting was not his best skill !!!!!! So we asked a professional and in one day I had the result that I wanted. I had to live as in a cheap camping.. Hated it, but stayed calm and dreamed of how it would become.

I post some pictures of the not yet finished interior, but it should give you an idea of how it evolves.

All white, with gold colour

All white, with gold colour

White floor

White floor


Living/show room

Living/show room with my favourite sofa from Ikea with a new striped cover.


The way i love to mix.

The way I love to mix.


Work bench with objects.

Work bench with objects.

View to the kitchen.

View to the kitchen.


Grey on grey, walls and commode dare paint in the same paint, a colour that I created myself.

Grey on grey, walls and commode are paint in the same paint, a colour that I created myself. The carpet will be replaced.


Magazine table.

Magazine table.


These are the first pictures that I took, some more will follow in the coming days.

Wish you all a very sunny week end .

Thanks for reading my post.




  1. Lieve Benoit,

    It is absolutely fabulous, amazing and beautiful.

    I call you sunday.

    Lots of Love


    Op 18 okt. 2013, om 16:44 heeft thehousewhisperereu het volgende geschreven:

    > >

  2. Benoit est le meilleur décorateur d’intérieur que je n’ai jamais rencontré ! son gout est supérieur à tout ce que j’ai pu connaitre dans ma vie ! je ferme les yeux et avec deux fois rien il vous fait un palais !

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