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I had some time to spend in Brussels yesterday. It was about a year ago that I didn’t go to our capital.and I thought that wandering around, would be the best way to have an impression of what Brussels is today, at least part of it.

In four hours one can not discover a city, but only go through some “quartiers” and see what has changed.

I will show you pictures of some buildings that I like and from some new shops.

And, by the way I was in the SCAPA shop with our Royal Princess Mathilde, She looked very beautiful in a simple blue dress and a YSL bag in brown suede.

Couldn’t take a picture of her as it would have been very inappropriate.

Galerie de la Reine.

I thought that this is a cute idea. High Rise towers made out of Film rolls.

Window display at the DELVAUX boutique


”At the sudden death”, One of the oldest brasseries in Brussels.

The “St Michel and St Gudule” Cathedral with a Gothic inspired office building, that I like very much.

Business and banking district.

The “Palais des Beaux Arts” by Victor Horta.

The “Mont des Arts” with a sculpture of Alexander Calder and in the background The gothic tower of the “Hotel de Ville”

The former “Old England” shop that became the Museum of instruments.

On the Boulevard de Waterloo you will find the shop of Christian Liaigre, run by my good friend Isabelle Reynders who is one of the biggest talents in interior decoration in Belgium.


Beautiful FERRAGAMO.


DIOR on the Boulevard de Waterloo.

The lovely boutique of Parisian fashion designer TARA JARMON.

Pictured in the NESPRESSO shop the new limited edition CREALTO . Delicious.

The “PALAIS de JUSTICE” is a restoration in progress.Will never be finished…….. ;-))


ABERCROMBIE & FITCH have their Belgian outpost in a beautiful city palace. Amazing interiors in black and gold…..

Love this building.

Brussels “park” restored by famed garden architect Jacques Wirtz.

Belgian Parliament.

Private residence in the park. The interior is lit by candles, every day of the year.

The beautiful French Chancellerie.

Artwork by Arne Quinze at the Flemish Parliament.

The former residence of the Princes de Merode.

Never seen this lady before on the avenue Louise. Often one has to look up to discover things… such as this euhhh… work of art or……..

The Victor Horta house on the avenue Louise.

Les Beaux Quartiers……

And the end of my walk, before having dinner at my friends fabulous new house.

Thank you very much to have that little stroll in Brussels with me. Of course there is much more to see, but it will be for in autumn on another sunny day.

Enjoy your week end. Hot and sunny in Belgium, I’m escaping to Knokke het Zoute…… and walk on the beach….in the sun ….





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Since doing research work for my PINTEREST boards, I became obsessed with a lot of things. On Internet one can see things with a different eye as one does in magazines. And one of my obsessions is STAIRS. Especially spiral stairs can come close to perfection to take you from one floor to another.

I show you some examples of stairs who take me to heaven or at least to my bedroom.









Wish you all the best and for more stairs, please check my pinterest account.
All credits can be checked at my pin board ” STAIRS”



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Since I am on Pinterest, I saw a lot of pictures of minimalist houses. Most of them are in Japan. The audacity of the architecture left me open mouthed. I saw some times in magazines houses that I liked , but never realised that there was such an open minded variety of concepts. And the ability to realise them. It is not in Belgium, with our still very traditional approach to architecture of the past, that you would see these incredible houses where actually people live in.

And I don’t believe that the climate is making the difference.

I show you some examples here.

KAWABE NO SUMIKA ( Riverbank House)


House in Nakameguro, Yoritaka Hayashi Architects. Tokyo.

House Tokyo by Sanpei Junichi of A.L.X. architects.

Tadao Anda.

House in Abiko by FUSE-ATELIER.

House in Meguro. Mount Fuji Architects.

Na House By Sou Fujimoto

Curiosity Inc Tokyo.

Kanagawa. Norisada Maeda Atelier

Apartment building in Katayama. Mitsutomo Matsunami Architect and Associates.

Minimalist Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

I wish you all a nice day.


source: Architonic, Minimalissimo,Leibal blog, Subtilitas.Pinterest.


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I came across an image of this beautiful building on the Barcelo market in Madrid. I was fascinated by the shapes and of course by the light, but I had no idea who the architect of this building is.

 Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano are the designers of this fabulous space.

For a complete overview of their work I suggest that you have a look at their website http://www. nieto

I show you pictures from some of their iconic buildings.

Barcelo Market in Madrid

The Madinat al-Zahra Museum and Foundation offices.

The Madinat al-Zahra museum and foundation offices are situated outside the Spanish city of Cordoba in the neighbourhood of what was once a forgotten city. Madinat  al-Zahra (“beautiful town” in Arabic) was the capital of the Iberian Caliphate. Construction on the town started in 936. It flourish for 80 years, then vanished for a thousand years before its rediscovery in 1910 .

The Interactive Museum of the History of Lugo.

 The Interactive Museum of the History of Lugo exhibits objects, images and films that illustrate the historic Roman city and province.

Three historic buildings of various periods – the Lesliehof in Raubergasse, the Neutorgasse museum building and the main building of the Styrian State Library in Kalchberggasse – are being combined to make a new Joanneum Quarter. It will be occupied by three of the Joanneum’s institutions (the Neue Galerie, the Multimedia Collections and the Natural History Museum) plus the Styrian State Library. A subterranean visitor centre will link them all, acting simultaneously as a main entrance, information centre and primary point of orientation for the entire institutional complex.

The architects.

Thank you for looking at my post.



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Giorgio Armani is one of the great fashion designers of the past 50 years. I think his creations are a bit repetitive but still very stylish.

I am not a huge fan of his decoration and designers skills but when I saw this picture in a magazine of the newly opened Armani hotel in Milan I immediately felt grandeur and the views of a master.


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The first culinary university in Spain.

The architecture has been influenced by a pile of stacked plates and designed by the local architecture firm, Vaumm Arquitectos of San Sebastion in the North of Spain.

I am very attracted by the fluid lines of this building, as they were drawn just like this. a children’s drawing, but magnificent in its simplicity, Great architecture and timeless.

n March 2009, Mondragon Unibertsitatea and Basque chefs created the Basque Culinary Center (BCulinary) Foundation, with support from public institutions. The centre, that will begin working in 2011 in San Sebastian, will have a Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences and a Centre for Research and Innovation into food and Gastronomy. BCulinary is targeting training and research, innovation and transfer of knowledge and technology in the different areas of Gastronomic Sciences, generating participative research processes between Universities, Technology Centres, companies and public bodies, to develop a network capable of generating and transferring knowledge. At the same time, the Research and Innovation centre will develop 6 research lines: Education and eating habits. Social alimentary responsibility. Eating trends. Innovation when managing companies in the sector. Developing associated technologies. Producing, presenting and conserving food.

with thanks to VIEW.


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One of my preferred designers of the 20th century is Gae Aulenti. She is the creator of the PIPISTRELLO lamp edited by Martinelli Luce.


Gae Aulenti is the most famous Italian woman designer with international recognition from the second half of the twentieth century  .After studying architecture in Venice and Milan she went working as a graphic designer for the magazine Casabella . This from 1955 to 1965.

In the meantime she opened her studio in Milan and worked for Olivetti, Tecno,Knoll and Zanotta, between others. Her international fame came when she designed the Musee d’Orsay, located in the old train station of the Gare d’Orsay in Paris.

English: Orsay Museum, Paris, main.

Musée d'Orsay. Image via Wikipedia

I will show you designs of her that are iconic and that I really love.

April stool for Zanotta. Designed in 1964.

Ruspa lamp for Martinelli designed in 1968.

Mezzopileo for Artemide. 1972

The one I prefer. the Patroclo lamp for Artemide. Designed in 1975.

Mezzoracolo for Artemide. 1968.

Aulenti was a very successful furniture designer and one of her most known pieces is this table for Fontana Arte.

Tavolo con ruoto for Fontana Arte. 1980.

I love this very chic coffee table that she designed for Knoll International in 1964.

Thank you for reading.



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Walking through the magnificent city of Bruges, my attention is drawn by some beautiful contemporary architecture, which is integrated in the spirit of the town. Beautiful Gothic houses, Renaissance palazzos and Empire town houses and even goodlooking neo Gothic are specific for the city,

I discovered yesterday this gem of contemporary architecture. Situated on a little piazza. The architects where inspired by the shapes of buildings from the Gothic era to build this house and they used natural stone in the shape of thin columns and bronze panelling in front of the windows to accentuate the verticality of the building

 Could this building have been the inspiration? For me the feeling is the same.

thank you for reading.


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I love good architecture and good ideas, but when the ideas are made invisible for not disturbing the landscape it is magical.

This sunken bridge in the small town of Halsteren in North Brabant in Holland was made to give access to pedestrians to a fort situated across a moat.Instead of building a bridge that would be hanging above the moat and obstruct the eye, the architects decided to part the water and have the bridge sunken and invisible. What a genius stroke and so typical dutch to play with water.

I love this picture of the strong man made landscape.

The sunken bridge is constructed out of Accoya, a highly technological wood that is supposedly  stronger then  most of the tropical hardwoods. It is treated with a non toxic anti fungal coating.

Designed by architecture group RO & AD

Hugh Newell Jacobsen.

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My favourite residential architect is by all means Mr.Hugh Newell Jacobson.I fell in love with the work of Mr. Jacobson when I saw a house he designed outside Washington one of the first Architectural Digest magazine that I ever bought at the end of the 1970s.

His style is so unique that wherever he builds a house he adapts the language of the local architecture into his modernist buildings. His architecture is always different but recognisable. He manages to mix the traditional early american architecture with the contemporary to design houses that are of a pure beauty and fit in the way of life of his clients.

“It’s very important to me for a house to fit in and not shout at its neighbors.” says Mr. Jacobsen.

Please have a look at the website.


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