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I like: Inez de la Fressange

In Books, I like on 08/04/2011 at 01:27

I’ve always been a great admirer of Mme de la Fressange and went often in her boutique in Paris and even the one she had for à little time in le Zoute in Belgium.
I was glad that she became the directrice of  ” THE” uber chic shoe house that was on the top du chic ”made in France” from the 40s to the 70,



Who else then Mme. de la Fressange could be a better ambassador for this very Parisian brand. As she impersonates so much the French woman.

So, this said, Mme de la Fressang has done us the pleasure to write a simple,but efficient, book of what is a difficult matter. Style. But not international style. Nononono…. The quintessence of style, there were style is born: THE PARISIAN STYLE. How to be a Parissienne.This actually could apply to every woman, every where in the world.

A fun book to read, loads of excellent tips about fashion, beauty, decoration, restaurants, written down in a very funny way with lots of pictures.



In Books, I like on 23/03/2011 at 15:09


I’ve always been a reader of the American Vogue Magazine and the interior articles have been the best ever produced. It is always a capture of how houses and homes are lived in. Always with a warm feeling and a veracity. In most of the houses you can smell the bouquets of flowers and sniff the warm coffee waiting for you in the kitchen. It reminds me of the defunct American magazine HOUSE and GARDEN and the wonderfull French decoration magazine named DECORATION INTERNATIONALE.

Hamish Bowles understands very well the way people live and captures the magic moments. A book  that one can not miss to understand what decoration means.

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