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I would like to show you the different stages of living in the only room where I could  stay during the dramatic floor painting of the living/showroom.

From the first moment I saw it till now.

My apartment is in constant change, but the base is almost finished.

I hope that you will enjoy the pictures as much as I didn’t enjoy camping.







Marquetry wall.




camping extreme



I took the marquetry panels from the wall and it went of very easy, as the wallpaper came of.

I glued the panels to the wall 🙂

Not that smart but the only way to put them straight.



never ending change on this wall.





I took this picture today.

I would like to thank ERDÉ for her wonderful help.

Everything you see on these pictures is for sale. If you want some information, feel free to contact me.

 I hope you enjoyed reading.

I wish you a nice and dry day.

Thanks for reading




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We are very proud at WWW.COLLECTIONSOF.COM to present you our new idea about collecting.

Brooches are the new items that we propose for sale.

We are making collections and sell them the way we propose them by theme or colour or genre. These small items can easily rejuvenate outfits that need some updating or you could add them on a LBD or on top of buttons on a shirt. Our aim is to make collections that are statements and should be worn on outfits in a non traditional way.They date from the 1930s to the present. Although most of them are from the 1960s to the 1990s. And some of them are Victorian.I show you some examples of collections of brooches that are ready to be worn.

These brooches are for sale at collectionsof. for between 100 and 150 dollar per set.

For information please contact me on my mail address

Thank you for reading my post.



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Last week, John and I bought 4 beautiful old chairs in a market. I loved immediately the simple sculptural lines of these chairs.
Not really useful as chairs around a dining or kitchen table but just one in front of a wall or near a sofa to put some books with your cupotea on top.
The chairs are sold apart for 75$ per piece. Measures on request.


Thanks for reading.


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John and I were very proud when we were asked to collaborate on a new project of the MAX MARA group, situated on Westbourne Grove.
They opened their first English MAX MARA Weekend shop in this very beautiful part of London.
We had to search for furniture and small objects like coat hooks, paintings etc. and compose a collection of mantle vases.
We decided to put 25 vases on iron cast brackets in a configuration that was different then the one they made at the last minute. It looks anyway fantastic.











Thanks for reading.

Have a lovely day.

Benoit and co. (John)




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At last a sunny Sunday. Woke up at 6 and went with John to the car boot sale in Brighton. On the seafront and no wind. Only sun and smiling people


It is a funny thing to search after objects to complete collections and find nothing on the first walk around. And then in the next hours the eyes discover a lot of new things and the creative mind comes in action.



It really looks messy !!!!

Anyway I found quite a lot of nice things and had new ideas for collections.My new idea that I’m working out right now will be posted soon



A new collection will definitively be “sang de boeuf” vases and a collection of wooden chandeliers. I’m also thinking about putting interesting shapes in wood together..


Wish all of you a wonderful summer.

Benoit. At


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My friends Mathieu and Philippe took me for a walk through the village looking for a vintage shop run by an Italian couple. They are specialised in Chanel handbags and couture jewellery from the 1930s till now and they sell, besides an amazing collection of statement pieces, also some pretty art deco furniture and Italian glass objects.

I show you some pictures that I made in the shop from pieces, that I liked. I could go forever and ever taking each piece in my hands. they are of such a creativity.

Kenneth Jay Lane.



Assembling different old pieces of jewellery is what Isabella does with a New york based artist.The result is worth of Maharadja’s necklaces.

Have a look at their website

Rue de la Citadelle,22

St. Tropez.

Thanks for reading


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I would like to show you our favourite collections that we composed the last months. A variety of collected items. To create a collection, we start from an idea or just from one particular piece and then chasing around to find more of them. It will often take a long time before we consider that a collection is ready.

Our top ten.

Collection of African Headrests.

Collection of Damascus Trays.

Collection of Sea Shells in zinc tub.

Part of our extensive collection of Beswick Copperware.

Collection of four Hat forms with plaster sculpture by Henry Sausse.

 A beautiful collection of globes from the 1930s made by Chad Valley.

Part of our collection of Faux Wood Painted Beswick Vases from the 1950s.

Collection of Fulham Pottery in Pale Grey. 1930s.

Part of our collection of decorative hand mirrors.

Those Carpet Beaters would look fabulous in a small hallway or in a pantry or even in a small dining room. Funny and unexpected.

Please have a look at our site.

Thanks for reading my post.



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The same wall, but a different display of objects. The first display is our collections of vintage bamboo mirrors, Most of them came from England and were made in the 1950.s

The second display is a collections of north African Tea Trays in copper. Some were meant to put on foldable legs and be used as tables, but definitely all were used to put the little coloured glasses filled with mint tea.


Have a nice day and to keep you warm, nothing as good as a wonderful hot tea or a delicious strong coffee.

Greetings from cold and rainy Belgium.



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This chandelier that I made with the help(90%) of Nina Marie, a very talented young girl, daughter of my best friend Regine,was the eye catcher on our stand. I made it with teddy bears and other animals stuffed with small Christmas lamps and hang it in the completely black booth. Black carpet,black ceiling, black walls, 13metres long tablets,Louis XVI commode I had it all paint in the same mat black paint. A friend of me made specially for our booth a sofa/double chaise longue in an almost black fabric.I needed some space to hide our coats and other stuff , so I bought a large sheet of black shiny pond foil and covered a large round table with it. Absolutely not practical, but very funny and chic and cheap.

some of the collections of objects


sculpture by Fons Schobbers

My Friend Delphine Boel showed some beautiful pieces of the BLABLA serie.Also did Ineke Otte,with her absolutely gorgeous bijoux and Fons Schobbers with 2 amazing sculptures in polyester.

John showed a vast assemblage of different style collections and we had a really amazing time. explaining to young daddies how to make a chandelier as well as changing every day our jewellery to promote Ineke, mostly we had little rats in rubber running up the sleeves of our blazer or i wore an armband in plastic grass. see picrure

It was so funny to see the amazing look in childrens eyes and hear mothers and grandmothers say, hooo we have so many teddies at home, should do something with it. Many Christmas tree will be shaped with teddy bears and surely small chandeliers will be made inspired on this one.

picture by photojoost

Delphine in teddy bears.We understand each other so well.

Mission accomplished


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Carola is working with porcelain and in the conversation I had with her she explained me that she set up a business in China in the neighbourhood of Shangai. but still one hour flight by plane. She is working together with her employees to produce the finest traditional handmade porcelain to export to Europe and hopefully to other continents.

very tactile piece, soft and dreamy.

Sweet transparency and a feminine touch of orientalism

I just want them all.

Carola will show a small selection of her collection on the booth John and I have on the fair in begin november in Kortrijk, BELGIUM.

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