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In Bags, Colours, Fashion on 27/06/2012 at 12:07

Another new shop in St, Tropez is VIGNES.

The Atelier Vignes is specialised in exotic leathers and made to measure items. Everything can be chosen in different kind of leather going from alligator to python and galuchat (sharkskin). And their speciality is crocodile (amazing colours)

You can have your belt or your iPad case or any other item made in one of those exclusive leathers and choose the animal skin that you like the most. Real Luxury without Logos. Real Class.

The handles of the basic bags of their collection can be changed in various lengths and colours to be assorted on shoes or clothes. nice idea, because of course the materials are amazing.

I love the plexiglass boxes combined with the leather handles



In Bags, Colours, Fashion, I like on 14/06/2012 at 08:14

Reading the American issue of Vogue I instantly fell in love with the HAPPY BAG in all of the beautiful colours.

Priced at 198$ it is a very charming summer bag at a very reasonable price.

Available in 18 different colours.

I also like the Wilson Panama Bag

At 348 $ it is a nice summer folie that many of you will not resist. :-))

Happy reading.

Have a nice day. At last sun over here…..



In Colours, Designers, Fashion on 07/05/2012 at 13:36


Sequense. Knot extension long necklace.

Sequense. Individual threated bangle.

Dannijo. Cruz earrings.

Vanessa Mooney.

Rosena Sammi Jewelry. Monsoon Striped Bangle Set.

Rosena Sammi. Two Tone Bangles

Erickson Beamon.

Dara Ettinger. Ginger Ring.

Kenneth Jay Lane.

Adia Kipur.

Holst + Lee.

Miguel Ases. Earrings.

Of course there is much more to post about what I like.I will show you in my next post some pictures that I found of cuffs whom are really worth having.

Let you inspire by these beautiful items and the amazing and endless colour combinations.

All images from

With thanks.



In Colours, Decoration, Housewhispering on 21/03/2012 at 00:18

Whilst in Ibiza last week, I was doing some shopping for the new bedroom in my friends house.

In a beautiful shop in Ibiza town I discovered these patterned and quite bold cushions and I wanted some for the house.

It is a change from the kelim pillows that are thrown to your head in every decoration shop.

And some went home on the new bed cover in the brand-new bedroom

Over this bedroom I show pics before and after in a later post.

Thanks for reading my post



In Colours, Decoration, Housewhispering, I like on 20/03/2012 at 18:58

Since some years I spent a lot of holidays in this very pretty vacation home in the hills of Ibiza.My friends Miriam and Jan are perfect hosts and we are always on the run in antiques shops and markets to find objects that are Morrocan inspired and from ethnic origine.

I show here a selection of pictures that show the atmosphere of the house.

Morrocan pottery in the kitchen

Moroccan pottery in the kitchen.

Still life on the kitchen counter.

Entrance hall.

One of the bathrooms.

One of the colourful bedrooms.


In Bags, Colours, I like, Quick tips on 17/01/2012 at 17:39

That is often true, but in Belgium it could also mean fab bags in VERITAS. As VERITAS is a haberdashery shop on the high street.

If you fancy a new bag and don’t want to spend much money or if you don’t have the money to spend on a Gucci or a Fendi Peekaboo then I assure you they have quite a nice offer. Of course you can not compare Veritas with the quality of a Chanel bag, but for the price, you should run and buy.

A bag is as a lot of other things, one will find it too small or looking too old or don’t like the colour, but all of that is your personal vision. I only want to make people attend on things I see.

And I believe this is worth it.

Who can do better for 59 euro.

This bag is made from leather and has a really beautiful shape. Très chic and Delvaux worthy. I really love this one.

Faux crocodile and still 59 euro

There are some other colours available.

Beautiful red for 49 euro.

And very cute for 29 euro.

surrounded by all these reds, pinks and oranges it was as spring was in the air.

If you are into colour blocking. you will certainly find your bonheur at VERITAS.

sun, spring, summer.


A last snapshot.

I hope that you enjoyed this colourful post.

Thank you for reading.



In Colours on 16/01/2012 at 18:06

Yes that is the question!!

I’ve always been a hard believer of colour and I’ve always used it in a good balance. With some clients I could go very far and make a kind of three-dimensional paintings in rooms. A pitty is that I never took  pictures. but c’est comme ça. Geen geklaag!!!

With democratisation of the ability to make good-looking interiors the use of colour has become a bit hazardous and now really everything is possible but by no means good.

Colour is something very difficult to use and one has to know very well where to use which colour and why to use one peculiar colour.

I don’t talk fashion, That is too ephemeral, but I like that , the quickly changing moods of fashion or even better clothing.

Here I talk about colour in and around the house. The good use of colour, were we feel comfortable.

My favourite colour since always has been white and all the nuances around white. for me it is the only colour that is not fashion and that will never be in or out fashion. The only colour where I will never be bored living in.

The thing with white is that you need good light. A light that is studied well and has to change with the conditions of the weather and by this I mean the light coming from outside.

From the EllE DECOR I selected this perfect setting

I like soft tones to live in during the day. For the evening, I mean for our long winter evenings, I like dark colours, From the chocolate browns to very dark plum and greys and black. Again with the perfect light. Of course candles. I have always candles in my house because it is the most flattering way to let an interior glow.

Spots, yes, but always dimmed. I always use uplighters whom are hidden. I mean by uplighters cylindrical pots that are placed on the floor and placed against a wall to wash the wall with light.

When you have a white, whitish or very dark interior you can add any other colours and change them following your mood.

I love the colour scheme on the optical white background.

Very dramatic but not so sure about the carpet.

Very soft dark greys with a little touch of havana.

So different and so artistic.

Fresh and chic.

more will come soon on my favourite subject, colour.

I like this too.

Aged and faded.


In Colours, I like on 03/01/2012 at 16:02

I have always liked fabrics, old and new, from designers or tribal or from markets, I used fabrics as a throw on a sofa or a bed or to hang on a wall or to make pillows or just to make huge piles of colours,During my career as interior architect I’ve always privileged the natural materials as silk, linen , cottons, hemp and so on. And when it was possible I would use handmade fabrics for their rich texture.

I always loved blankets and since I’m in England I love above all the Welsh blankets. They were crafted out of necessity  of course, but now we can use them as decor items. Very often in superb colour combinations and in geometric weaving, you use them as throws on a sofa or cover little chairs.

Even thrown over a table for tea time (a bit old fashioned, but cosy) and you add a splash of warmth to any interior.Make cushions in different colour tapestry and throw them in a very huge white slip cover sofa and you’re ready for a bold statement.

view these examples at

Let you inspire by colour this year, It will enlighten our lives and will be a feast for the eyes. I like colour, patterns ,mix and match, but very often I use a plain colour palette as background and then throw splashes of colours, changing each season.

A real joy


In Colours, Fashion, I like on 01/10/2011 at 10:58

Still on the Woonbeurs going from one stand to another and enjoying the creativity and personality of some people, I discovered Ineke Otte, who makes the most amazing jewellery. Kind of Dali’esque surrealistic works. Very surprising and with a twist to objects that you would at least think to put around your neck, But it is in such a way that it becomes interesting and that it shows how people who wear one of her pieces  stand out of the well thinking crowd and show a creative part of their personality.

3D printed necklace, Yes you read well printing in 3 dimensions!!!

In winter on a black cachemire turtle neck and in summer on your tanned skin.

Do not wear this when you go eat fruits de mer in la Coupole in St. Germain. But instead wear them on an extravagant apres ski outfit in Megeve. 😉

I love the XXL chain. wear it with couture pieces or in summer on naked skin and very fashionable prints by Mary Katrantzou or Christopher Kane. FABULOUS.

Iris Apfel: When dressing becomes art.

In Colours, Fashion, I like, The looks of on 08/06/2011 at 12:08

Iris Apfel is one of the most enigmatic,iconic women of the twentieth and the beginning of this century. Some years ago I saw a picture of Mrs. Apfel and  I thought ,without knowing who she actually was, that she looked eccentric and very special. In those days I wasn’t that interested in Style and Elegance.

 Although a while ago I saw again some pictures of Mrs Apfel on the net and thought that she actually is quite some woman. A woman with a strong personnality to wear forte colours, big chunky jewellery, even tribal art around her frêle frame. Mrs Apfel, a philantropist, who was an interior designer and co-founder of the Textile firm: Old World Weavers has always been her own stylist, mixing and matching couture ,vintage, high street and ethnic with the contemporary and  She looks each time convinced of what she is wearing and it becomes her natural way of living.
A refreshment in our minimal world. Extravaganza with style and without vulgarity is the summum of style. In any case be yourself, do things for yourself. I think that this is the message that Mrs. Apfel want to send into the world.

And then of course Mrs. Apfel wears those fabulous trademark glasses. Bravo Madame Apfel.

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