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I would like to show you the different stages of living in the only room where I could  stay during the dramatic floor painting of the living/showroom.

From the first moment I saw it till now.

My apartment is in constant change, but the base is almost finished.

I hope that you will enjoy the pictures as much as I didn’t enjoy camping.







Marquetry wall.




camping extreme



I took the marquetry panels from the wall and it went of very easy, as the wallpaper came of.

I glued the panels to the wall ūüôā

Not that smart but the only way to put them straight.



never ending change on this wall.





I took this picture today.

I would like to thank ERD√Č for her wonderful help.

Everything you see on these pictures is for sale. If you want some information, feel free to contact me.

 I hope you enjoyed reading.

I wish you a nice and dry day.

Thanks for reading




My apartment, evolution since begin september.

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I love doing homes for my clients, doing it for myself is different, of course because I have a low budget and I want to let my creativity be a base for an ever changing interior.

That is the reason why I choose white as blank canvas in the reception/show room spaces and adjacent my kitchen.

I rent an office space in a building from the 1970’s. It has been empty for over 4 years and was in a dirty, bad state. A lot of cleaning and new floors were the first things to do. Well the cleaning was okee, but it took a month to put the floor. Wooden panels, whom have to be lacquered in white paint. Handyman, who after 3 weeks said to me that painting was not his best skill !!!!!! So we asked a professional and in one day I had the result that I wanted. I had to live as in a cheap camping.. Hated it, but stayed calm and dreamed of how it would become.

I post some pictures of the not yet finished interior, but it should give you an idea of how it evolves.

All white, with gold colour

All white, with gold colour

White floor

White floor


Living/show room

Living/show room with my favourite sofa from Ikea with a new striped cover.


The way i love to mix.

The way I love to mix.


Work bench with objects.

Work bench with objects.

View to the kitchen.

View to the kitchen.


Grey on grey, walls and commode dare paint in the same paint, a colour that I created myself.

Grey on grey, walls and commode are paint in the same paint, a colour that I created myself. The carpet will be replaced.


Magazine table.

Magazine table.


These are the first pictures that I took, some more will follow in the coming days.

Wish you all a very sunny week end .

Thanks for reading my post.





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My apartment in Bruges, is rented to some of my best friends for whom I did some houses in Belgium and abroad. I’m very happy that they could rent ist as they want to leave their very beautiful house in Antwerp to live closer by the seaside.

My friend has her own very determined style and it is the base for what we will do in Bruges.

As she has an extensive collection of 18th century furniture from French and Italian origin it is easy to pick out the pieces we will put in the apartment.

I show you some pictures from my place when I used to live there and the painting that is almost finished before we begin the decoration.

I will show you as well some of the furniture that will move from Antwerp to Bruges.


The first visit , 3 years ago.







From when I was living there.




Painting: Terre d’Egypte from Farrow and Ball.



Sofa, carpet, chairs and table for Bruges.

To be continued.

Wish you all a wonderful week end.




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Some pictures from my PINTEREST board of interiors with ideas that are inspiring

All images and sources on my pinterest board, contemporary interiors.


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Looking through old magazine cuttings I stumbled upon these images of rooms I loved very much.

I don’t remember from whom, most of the houses are or from which magazine the pictures came.

I love the combination of the materials and colours. Suzani on the wall and panther and tiger prints and the red/white striped cloth on the table.

Perfect balance and symmetry. I love the abaca carpet. (dried banana leaves)

Style mixing with class. Ethereal atmosphere.

All white and slipcovers. The inhabitants just left this space for the picture to be taken.

Calvin and Kelly Klein in the Hamptons, Perfect.

House in L.A. by Barbara Barry.

Liveable and feel good atmosphere.

Detail of simplicity.

So chic and personal.

I took pictures from the photos, They are not the best, but I wanted to show the atmosphere of these places. The feeling they have, to have grown with the time and not just decorated by a decorateur with his recognisable signature.

Wish you a beautiful week end.




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I know it has been a long time since I have been on my blog….To busy and lots of PINTEREST pinning…

A lot to blog also.

First of all. I was till recently an avid magazine reader and then I realised that in all of them one sees always the same houses or the same kind of interiors. It became all so grey and beige, with whitewashed furniture and linen upholstery.With the same carpets, tables made of recycled items or wooden planks on a metal frame and lamps made from pieces of junk.In fact this is going on for years now.

Or when an interior is more contemporary, it is always filled with the same Eames chairs or chaise longue.With the same Swann chairs or the¬†Jean Prouv√©¬†furniture and the Serge Mouille lamps…

Swann chairs by Alvar Aalto

Jean Prouvé

Serge Mouille

Or as one can see in the Spanish¬†Architectural Digest¬†an overload of vintage put together as for a publicity advert,really to much of the same, to be still enjoyable. And every month the same kind of Interiors…Without fantasy….

It is not that I don’t like it,but it is never inspiring.

For me, the interiors lack the personality as seen in the magazines from 20 and even 30 years ago. I still have¬†American¬†AD.’s from the seventies and eighties and Maison et Jardin with interiors of¬†Michael Taylor, Kalef Alaton,Michael Schaible and partner¬†Robert Bray,Mark Hampton, Thomas Britt and of course¬†David Hicks, whom make me dream.

Michael Taylor. West Coast drama.

The inimitable David Hicks.

Kalef Alaton in Los Angeles.

Robert Bray, Michael Schaible in AD, July Aygust 1979. New York.

Thomas Britt.Palm Beach

I know, everything changes and nothing stays the same… But why has it to change for worse and not be an evolution for the better.

Nowadays you have seen one interior and you have seen them all…..You can’t see anymore if a house is showed that was build in Ibiza, South Africa or in Miami.

Everybody is copying and if people can’t pay the master they will do with copying his style, That is what is shown in most magazines nowadays. The best example for me of being copied is Axel Vervoordt who created a superb style in decoration that was copied all over the place, especially in Belgium and holland ,and which was never equalled.Yes, people call this inspiration….

Even my venerated american AD. set a step backwards and has sacrificed his spirit of showing great American and International homes ,to a level more approachable to people. And there goes the dreams with it…… It became flat since the former Editor in Chief of American Elle Decor, Margaret Russell took over from Paige Rense.

The only inspirational interiors are shown in the¬†American VOGUE. Artistic and never fashionable homes. Houses where people live the way they intend to, not in a way ¬†dictated by interior fashion and where sales management is taking over….

If magazines are crying for help, they have to thank themselves for it. Levelling downwards has never been a good idea.

Thanks for reading my post



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I would like to show you our favourite collections that we composed the last months. A variety of collected items. To create a collection, we start from an idea or just from one particular piece and then chasing around to find more of them. It will often take a long time before we consider that a collection is ready.

Our top ten.

Collection of African Headrests.

Collection of Damascus Trays.

Collection of Sea Shells in zinc tub.

Part of our extensive collection of Beswick Copperware.

Collection of four Hat forms with plaster sculpture by Henry Sausse.

 A beautiful collection of globes from the 1930s made by Chad Valley.

Part of our collection of Faux Wood Painted Beswick Vases from the 1950s.

Collection of Fulham Pottery in Pale Grey. 1930s.

Part of our collection of decorative hand mirrors.

Those Carpet Beaters would look fabulous in a small hallway or in a pantry or even in a small dining room. Funny and unexpected.

Please have a look at our site.

Thanks for reading my post.



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A living and dining room needed a make over and my client wanted a more minimal approach of her interior.The only new item that we bought are the 3 chauffeuses that we put together to make a large sofa. All the other furniture comes from other rooms or from their house at the seaside. As for example the Pierre Paulin chairs and the danish inspired coffee table.



I had the walls painted in a light grey colour that is constantly changing with the different sources of light.

The Venitian blinds were removed and the Oriental carpets were rolled up and put in the attic together with the furniture we didn’t use anymore.

The antique parquet de Versailles is now visible in all his splendor  and the room breaths a contemporary air.


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The same wall, but a different display of objects. The first display is our collections of vintage bamboo mirrors, Most of them came from England and were made in the 1950.s

The second display is a collections of north African Tea Trays in copper. Some were meant to put on foldable legs and be used as tables, but definitely all were used to put the little coloured glasses filled with mint tea.


Have a nice day and to keep you warm, nothing as good as a wonderful hot tea or a delicious strong coffee.

Greetings from cold and rainy Belgium.



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Not such a good image from the apartment before furbishing.

I like to change my apartment following my moods and creativity. Seasons and light play also a definite role in remodelling. As doing House Whispering for clients I begin with my own surroundings.

Often with the same things and sometimes with the left overs and the wrong buys from the business. I will show you pictures of different settings.

I hope that you will enjoy this post.

The chicest and cheapest sofa: Ektorp from IKEA.

I am a fan of cushions.

Winter setting.




The wall is still not painted. Artistic or lazy.



Latest addition. Chair in carved wood effect by Kreiss Collection from California, upholstered with an old Kelim












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