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Don’t be frightened, I know it is a very loved Italian saying and not one of the most polite , but in this case it is the truth.It really expresses what is in the mind.

Can you imagine that one day this should happen

Well one of my favourite light designers did.

It is the name given to the chandelier he designed years ago.


The little funny story, behind it, is that he named the chandelier” Zabriskie Point” in relation to the famous movie by the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni where at a given point the hill cliff  villa explodes and one sees the images again and again… beautiful.

When he unveiled his creation, the public screamed ….”PORCA MISERIA ” and surely also MAMMA MIA……….and that is why he renamed it.





Amazing objects by amazing people.





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Fashion House PRADA created again for this season the most trendsetting and innovative shoes.

A classic shoe where the base is covered in rubber.It reminded me immediately of the “GUETRES’ whom gentleman were wearing to protect their shoes from dirt and dust.In the other way round. Was this an inspiration?

I think that it is fabulous that each season Miuccia Prada is setting the tone of things to come and to be copied. If they are elegant is irrelevant. It all depends on who will wear them. Women with style will wear them with a LBD or a black smoking and be chic and then other women will want to absolutely have these in their garderobe and will mix them whit the wrong clothes, only because these shoes will be so recognisable and because they are  PRADA and FASHION.

With thanks to the BLOG DOUBT IT LOVE IT for the pictures.

I send loads of positive energy  to all the shoe lovers.



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Just a quick post.

I like very much these flats by Charlotte Olympia. Traditional colour combo and they look very comfy.



There is a version in black lacker leather and tiger print, more for the over 70 years old.
Cute but ….. As I said a bit oldish looking. Anyway I like colours and certainly in the grim weather our summer in Northern Europe is made off.


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It is the name of my Pinterest boards.
I almost forget that I’m a big fan of shoes……..and yes it is a guilty pleasure.

Shoes for men. From espadrilles that I pay 5 euro in New Look ( I have a basket filled with different colours and striped ones) to beautifully black J.M. Weston ( modele Chasse) or double buckled tobacco brown John Lobbs. I love All Stars in every colour and for winter I have amazingly warm leather UGGS. For my personal taste I really like shoes in brown suede, in every shape.
But my real passion is woman shoes. I see since some years such a creativity from the shoe elite designers that I long to look to the seasons ahead. Already resort 2013. Yippie and almost september to look at S/S2013 and pre-collections A/W2014.And each time I think ” they will never do better, but they do. I’m flabbergasted by such imagination that never stops creating lust objects.

Wether to wear them or having them on display on plexiglass brackets in a dressing room ( anyway dressings are ALWAYS to small, even if they are huge.) so maybe in a little hallway or on display in a bedroom, these ” objets de desire” will give joy every time one looks at them.
My favourite designers are Nicholas Kirkwood and Charlotte Olympia. The young ones.
Miuccia Prada is in any case, for me, the uberdesigner. I’m not a fan of Louboutin or jimmy choo any more. It became too much a name to own, instead of a beautiful creation, some times a bit ordinaire, but that is my personal opinion. I am an absolute fan of Manolo Blahnik and of course of Roger Vivier.

I really understand women with passion for shoes. Just to own them. Even if they feel mostly and more comfortable in flats or simple pumps..

I show you some lust shoes that I think are amazing. If they are wearable I leave it up to you, but with dash and personality I think that yes they are.

Let’s have a look.




















From top to bottom: Marieke Ratsma and Jostika Spaho Biomimicry shoe, Nicholas Kirkwood, black pump, Charlotte Olympia 2012, Nicholas Kirkwood, Prada Cadillac inspired S/S 2012 open shoe, Charlotte Olympia cruise 2013′ the curly shoe is unknown, image from the net. The 3 next one are by Roger Vivier. The next one is by Manolo Blahnik, the green shoe is by Charlotte Olympia cruise 2013. The caramel high heel sandal is by Sergio Rossi resort 2013
The beautiful sandal is by Pierre Hardy and the flat is by Kate Spade. Chanel of course
The wedge sandal is by Charlotte Olympia and the high heeled one is by Tom Ford. The black shoe is by Vera Wang.

It is the beginning for me of working on my iPad to write articles and I have to improve.
All my excuses of not putting the names of the designers under each picture.

Hope you enjoyed and dream tonight of shoes either on your feet or kept secretly in their beautiful boxes.



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What a change we are getting through. From the flamboyance of Galliano to the spirit of Christian Dior splendidly interpreted by mister Simons. When I look at the images I feel the hand of Dior making subtle drawings on paper from the ideas he always preconised. French (parisian) chic, femininity, HAUTE COUTURE, made wearable for many women and fashion as I like it to be. Durable, beautiful now and in years from here. Understated luxury and not a nouveau riche show off.





Images courtesy

Thank you for reading.



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Maarten Baas drew for the first time attention with his SMOKE furniture for MOOOI. The heat blackened and resined furniture collection that started his carreer in 2002.

I like also very much the 4 chairs he designed for AHRENDT, a Dutch office furniture manufacturer

In 2009 he received the award of best DESIGNER of the year at Design Miami with the design of this piece of furniture.

The furniture I prefer is the CLAY FURNITURE series of pieces that look as though they were molded by children.

This furniture exhales so much poetry.

For the 50 years of the Vintage Cuvee of dom Ruinart, he created ,completely in the process of his creational thinking an ice bucket and glasses that have melt as ice would do.

Various chairs and chest of drawers by Maarten Baas.

I hope that you enjoy as much as I do this extraordinary talent flirting with poetry and magic.



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I know it has been a long time since I have been on my blog….To busy and lots of PINTEREST pinning…

A lot to blog also.

First of all. I was till recently an avid magazine reader and then I realised that in all of them one sees always the same houses or the same kind of interiors. It became all so grey and beige, with whitewashed furniture and linen upholstery.With the same carpets, tables made of recycled items or wooden planks on a metal frame and lamps made from pieces of junk.In fact this is going on for years now.

Or when an interior is more contemporary, it is always filled with the same Eames chairs or chaise longue.With the same Swann chairs or the Jean Prouvé furniture and the Serge Mouille lamps…

Swann chairs by Alvar Aalto

Jean Prouvé

Serge Mouille

Or as one can see in the Spanish Architectural Digest an overload of vintage put together as for a publicity advert,really to much of the same, to be still enjoyable. And every month the same kind of Interiors…Without fantasy….

It is not that I don’t like it,but it is never inspiring.

For me, the interiors lack the personality as seen in the magazines from 20 and even 30 years ago. I still have American AD.’s from the seventies and eighties and Maison et Jardin with interiors of Michael Taylor, Kalef Alaton,Michael Schaible and partner Robert Bray,Mark Hampton, Thomas Britt and of course David Hicks, whom make me dream.

Michael Taylor. West Coast drama.

The inimitable David Hicks.

Kalef Alaton in Los Angeles.

Robert Bray, Michael Schaible in AD, July Aygust 1979. New York.

Thomas Britt.Palm Beach

I know, everything changes and nothing stays the same… But why has it to change for worse and not be an evolution for the better.

Nowadays you have seen one interior and you have seen them all…..You can’t see anymore if a house is showed that was build in Ibiza, South Africa or in Miami.

Everybody is copying and if people can’t pay the master they will do with copying his style, That is what is shown in most magazines nowadays. The best example for me of being copied is Axel Vervoordt who created a superb style in decoration that was copied all over the place, especially in Belgium and holland ,and which was never equalled.Yes, people call this inspiration….

Even my venerated american AD. set a step backwards and has sacrificed his spirit of showing great American and International homes ,to a level more approachable to people. And there goes the dreams with it…… It became flat since the former Editor in Chief of American Elle Decor, Margaret Russell took over from Paige Rense.

The only inspirational interiors are shown in the American VOGUE. Artistic and never fashionable homes. Houses where people live the way they intend to, not in a way  dictated by interior fashion and where sales management is taking over….

If magazines are crying for help, they have to thank themselves for it. Levelling downwards has never been a good idea.

Thanks for reading my post



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I like the twist that Bram Boo gives to the furniture he creates. most of them have a traditional look at first glimpse, but by adding elements in a disturbing way or an unexpected way, he creates visual confronting pieces.

some examples of the furniture I like.






The large arm rests are meant to be used as a desk to work with a laptop for example.



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Sebastian Herkner, designed for MOROSO this range of objects, baskets named Basks. Inspired, when on a trip to Spain, he visited a company producing yarns with paper.He developed with Moroso and this company a special paper and technique to use in a tridimensional way and create useful objects to store things.

Even used upside down,they have a function as small side table.


For the German company,CLASSICON, Herkner designed side tables that make us think.

We are not used to see a heavy material on top of a transparent one. This gives a troubled vision.

Our perception is tricked by the upside down use of glass and metal. Oeps…. it will brake, was my first reaction, when I saw this table.

The transparency of the glass bell makes the heavy material that is used on the top seem as floating

A real beauty.


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B&B ITALIA has edited a very beautiful table designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. The English duo has been inspired by the round pebbles in Japanese gardens.They called the table ”TOBI -ISHI”.

The top and the 2 bases are made of different materials. The top is made from wood and the base ,from polyutherane. The finish,although is made of a cement grout to create a kind of leather effect.

For me this is an example of timeless design that will look astonishing in different styles of homes and interiors.

I hope that a dining table will be edited too. Not really as for dining, but to put in an entrance hall or in a living room with objects on display.

Happy Mother day to all mamas of the world.


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