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This chandelier that I made with the help(90%) of Nina Marie, a very talented young girl, daughter of my best friend Regine,was the eye catcher on our stand. I made it with teddy bears and other animals stuffed with small Christmas lamps and hang it in the completely black booth. Black carpet,black ceiling, black walls, 13metres long tablets,Louis XVI commode I had it all paint in the same mat black paint. A friend of me made specially for our booth a sofa/double chaise longue in an almost black fabric.I needed some space to hide our coats and other stuff , so I bought a large sheet of black shiny pond foil and covered a large round table with it. Absolutely not practical, but very funny and chic and cheap.

some of the collections of objects


sculpture by Fons Schobbers

My Friend Delphine Boel showed some beautiful pieces of the BLABLA serie.Also did Ineke Otte,with her absolutely gorgeous bijoux and Fons Schobbers with 2 amazing sculptures in polyester.

John showed a vast assemblage of different style collections and we had a really amazing time. explaining to young daddies how to make a chandelier as well as changing every day our jewellery to promote Ineke, mostly we had little rats in rubber running up the sleeves of our blazer or i wore an armband in plastic grass. see picrure

It was so funny to see the amazing look in childrens eyes and hear mothers and grandmothers say, hooo we have so many teddies at home, should do something with it. Many Christmas tree will be shaped with teddy bears and surely small chandeliers will be made inspired on this one.

picture by photojoost

Delphine in teddy bears.We understand each other so well.

Mission accomplished



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The bistrot chair revisited.

One of the most talented young designers in the Netherlands and even in Europe is Sjoerd Vroonland. His newest collection is called ” REVISED CRAFT” For this collection he deconstructed 19th and 20th century classic chairs and reinvented them in new materials and used new techniques. I think that the idea to play with the existing and deconstruct, re-use the specificities of the product and use new materials and create new manufacturing techniques to create the same and yet so different, is a stroke of genius.

Since Eero Saarinen worked on the Tulip chair, the ultimate chair was born and in my eyes the TULIP CHAIR had never an equivalent in style, novelty, chic, usefulness, design, lightness, timelessness.

Very often designers try too hard to invent something new, wich is often, only achieved with new materials. Sjoerd Vroonland uses not only new materials but has also a poetic approach on design. This is making him a stand out of the crowd. Warm, human design.


I'll have one for in my bathroom.

I think this is the ultimate restaurant chair, the chair that stylish people will put in any place in their homes and use.I would use the chair to hang my things on coming home, I would use them in my childrens bedroom, a bathroom, my dressing room to hang a multitude of bags and put a pile of scarves on the seat. and NO it will not fall over as the seat is reinforced and made heavy as counter balance.


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Maarten Baas for NgispeN.

I am very inspired by Dutch people and their kindness. I felt this again  last week end when I visited Amsterdam. There is a kind of energy coming from people all over the city and even more from the creative crowd on the fair.

For me the most innovative ideas come from Dutch designers who find also different firms in Holland and all over Europe to edit their fabulous ideas. I am in love with the work of young designers, Maarten Baas and his clay chairs and Sjoerd Vroonland with his coathanger chair, I love Hella jongerius and the products she is making for Royal Tichelaar Makkum.

I like very much Richard Hutten and Piet Hein Eek who have found a way on their own and a very personal signature, Marcel Wanders is a wonderboy with his products for MOOOI.

I show some pictures that I took on the fair with things that I really like very much.

Sjoerd Vroonland

Sjoerd Vroonland.

The traditional reinterpreted by this young designer. The chain of balls without a begin or an end, with endless applications. Thonet on the balls.

amazing wall of birdcages by Eveline Visser.

Each hole in this birdcage has all the right measurements to have specific birds letting in and they remind me when I glued little planes from Revell together. all the pieces were held in such a frame. Is there a frontier with contemporary art?

me on a Studio Job chair created for the Groninger Museum.

Hella Jongerius for Makkum.

I would like to thank all the people for their kindness.


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From 5 till 13 november 2011 the 4 edition of the Classica lifestyle , decoration fair will be held in the Xpo Halls in Kortrijk Belgium.

I will be a participant with my new concept THE HOUSEWHISPERER and share a booth with my partner John in COLLECTIONSOF.

The board of direction asked me to be in their commity and do the scenography of the exhibition around the theme of this year. THE CHAIR. So I am very busy in a creative way and try to visualise and explain what is that vision, visuality in my head. I have always had a passion for chairs and I have always bought and sold chairs from all origins. So of course I am honored and thrilled to show and most preferably, let feel to the public the connection that chairs from today have with chairs of the past.the way we look and should look at chairs. I would like to show that for designers it is very difficult to create something that is just new and has no value of references in the past. The use of different materials for a same shape throughout the centuries.

My favourite chair is without doubt the TULIP chair by Eero Saarinen. This for being the most elegant chair to look at and to be one of the most comfortable chair ever. In everything, the curves,material, colour white or black and the beautiful timeless fabrics,the finesse of this elegant chair reaches near perfection.

I invite you to share a moment of playfulness with me from the 5th till the 13th november.

thank you very much for reading me.


Pritzker Prize of Architecture.

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This year the Oscars of Architecture aka, the pritzker prize has been given to architect Eduardo_Souto_de_Moura.

Museu Paula Rego, Casa das Histórias, Cascais, Portugal.

Eduardo Souto de Moura, 2011 Pritzker laureate, in front of the Casa das Histórias Paula Rego. Photo by Francisco Nogueira.

Some other work from Mister Souto de Moura that I like.

House Number Two, Bom Jesus © Luis Ferreira Alves

Braga Stadium  (2004) © Luis Ferreira Alves


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I have the enorm privilege to live a two hours distance of the beautiful city of Maastricht in the south of Holland. Every year Maastricht is the guest town for THE EUROPEAN FINE ART FAIR. hardly to believe that you find under one roof  museum quality pieces from all over the world  in 5 distinctive categories. ANTIQUES, ANTIQUES PAPER,PAINTING, MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART and CLASSICAL ANTIQUES and a selection of galleries, selling 20th century OBJECTS AND FURNITURE.

The joy to see Breughel paintings near Serge Mouille luminaries and a Louis XV bureau plat in the same room as a chandelier and a mirror by Herve Van Der Straeten. Jewellery by Rene Boivin in the neighbourhood of Michel Basquiat and chairs by Josef Hofmann is something that amazes me and make me feel very humble. Only in museums you can admire so many Pierre Soulages and furniture by the Lalannes.  A Mark Rothko next to a Lucio Fontana. I can go on for hours.I did look more closely at the modern art section and the 20th century furniture and picking out a stand here and there that I wanted to see.

Imi Knoebel at Von Bartha gallery.

Duane Hanson at the Christophe van de Weghe Gallery.

Bracelet jour et nuit by Rene Boivin at gallery Veronique Bamps.

My friend Olivier at the Flore de Brantes stand with a chandelier and a mirror by Herve van der Straeten and a Louis XVI desserte and a part of a sensational Pierre Soulages.

I had a coup de foudre for these glass and bronze objects by the amazing Anna Dickinson at the Von Bartha Gallery.

By far the most chic stand: Flore de Brantes. Louis XVI chandelier and console. Dining table by Herve van der Straeten and artwork by Marc Quinn.

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