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Looking through old magazine cuttings I stumbled upon these images of rooms I loved very much.

I don’t remember from whom, most of the houses are or from which magazine the pictures came.

I love the combination of the materials and colours. Suzani on the wall and panther and tiger prints and the red/white striped cloth on the table.

Perfect balance and symmetry. I love the abaca carpet. (dried banana leaves)

Style mixing with class. Ethereal atmosphere.

All white and slipcovers. The inhabitants just left this space for the picture to be taken.

Calvin and Kelly Klein in the Hamptons, Perfect.

House in L.A. by Barbara Barry.

Liveable and feel good atmosphere.

Detail of simplicity.

So chic and personal.

I took pictures from the photos, They are not the best, but I wanted to show the atmosphere of these places. The feeling they have, to have grown with the time and not just decorated by a decorateur with his recognisable signature.

Wish you a beautiful week end.





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Last week, John and I bought 4 beautiful old chairs in a market. I loved immediately the simple sculptural lines of these chairs.
Not really useful as chairs around a dining or kitchen table but just one in front of a wall or near a sofa to put some books with your cupotea on top.
The chairs are sold apart for 75$ per piece. Measures on request.


Thanks for reading.


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Maarten Baas drew for the first time attention with his SMOKE furniture for MOOOI. The heat blackened and resined furniture collection that started his carreer in 2002.

I like also very much the 4 chairs he designed for AHRENDT, a Dutch office furniture manufacturer

In 2009 he received the award of best DESIGNER of the year at Design Miami with the design of this piece of furniture.

The furniture I prefer is the CLAY FURNITURE series of pieces that look as though they were molded by children.

This furniture exhales so much poetry.

For the 50 years of the Vintage Cuvee of dom Ruinart, he created ,completely in the process of his creational thinking an ice bucket and glasses that have melt as ice would do.

Various chairs and chest of drawers by Maarten Baas.

I hope that you enjoy as much as I do this extraordinary talent flirting with poetry and magic.



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B&B ITALIA has edited a very beautiful table designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. The English duo has been inspired by the round pebbles in Japanese gardens.They called the table ”TOBI -ISHI”.

The top and the 2 bases are made of different materials. The top is made from wood and the base ,from polyutherane. The finish,although is made of a cement grout to create a kind of leather effect.

For me this is an example of timeless design that will look astonishing in different styles of homes and interiors.

I hope that a dining table will be edited too. Not really as for dining, but to put in an entrance hall or in a living room with objects on display.

Happy Mother day to all mamas of the world.



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Not such a good image from the apartment before furbishing.

I like to change my apartment following my moods and creativity. Seasons and light play also a definite role in remodelling. As doing House Whispering for clients I begin with my own surroundings.

Often with the same things and sometimes with the left overs and the wrong buys from the business. I will show you pictures of different settings.

I hope that you will enjoy this post.

The chicest and cheapest sofa: Ektorp from IKEA.

I am a fan of cushions.

Winter setting.




The wall is still not painted. Artistic or lazy.



Latest addition. Chair in carved wood effect by Kreiss Collection from California, upholstered with an old Kelim













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I created this table years ago and sold it to a dutch interior designer.

The table is made from zinc and I was very lucky at that time to find a quiet artistic workshop who where able to interprete my ideas.

photo credits:Kees Hageman. From the book ”Sierlijke potten by Elisabeth de Lestrieux”


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Before doing the exhibition about chairs, I met Geert Behaegel, the owner of the only factory of wooden chairs in Belgium. Called ”DE ZETEL”. They produce chairs for restaurants, cafes and hotels and Geert had the most wonderful idea to ask Belgian designers to create chairs in wood that would have a design potential. And indeed what I got to see amazed me and made me again realise that in our small country we have great talents. Geert has the talent to imagine a new product and the willingness to look forward and diversify. And the talent of our designers.  We immediately had a good contact and still have and I felt very lucky to show his chairs between the likes of Eames, Panton and Jacobsen.

Geert has created with his different designers a line of chairs, completely au gout du jour. from contemporary colourful to  an interpretation of Provencal classic and from a driftwood recycled look to a chic real new kitchen chair.

Please have a look at the pictures and I am sure that you will enjoy and also see what I mean.

picture taken at exhibtion'' the chair''

even more beautiful in black.

in a lot of colours


other colours on the shelf.

I am a firm believer that, we as Belgian should use the goods produced in our country, I really mean, made in Belgium. We can help our economy. We can help our planet and we can be good to the people surrounding us. I became a firm believer that we have to go for quality and pay more, instead of going for quantity for a lesser price  and the world will benefit from this. All little bits make a big whole and all the bits we can add will make a bigger whole in a short period of time.

I will promote Belgian goods and artists in Belgium the coming years, because it is worth doing this and I am proud of what is on offer in our small country.

Belgian people should be more aware of what Belgium has to offer and be very proud of it too.


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The bistrot chair revisited.

One of the most talented young designers in the Netherlands and even in Europe is Sjoerd Vroonland. His newest collection is called ” REVISED CRAFT” For this collection he deconstructed 19th and 20th century classic chairs and reinvented them in new materials and used new techniques. I think that the idea to play with the existing and deconstruct, re-use the specificities of the product and use new materials and create new manufacturing techniques to create the same and yet so different, is a stroke of genius.

Since Eero Saarinen worked on the Tulip chair, the ultimate chair was born and in my eyes the TULIP CHAIR had never an equivalent in style, novelty, chic, usefulness, design, lightness, timelessness.

Very often designers try too hard to invent something new, wich is often, only achieved with new materials. Sjoerd Vroonland uses not only new materials but has also a poetic approach on design. This is making him a stand out of the crowd. Warm, human design.


I'll have one for in my bathroom.

I think this is the ultimate restaurant chair, the chair that stylish people will put in any place in their homes and use.I would use the chair to hang my things on coming home, I would use them in my childrens bedroom, a bathroom, my dressing room to hang a multitude of bags and put a pile of scarves on the seat. and NO it will not fall over as the seat is reinforced and made heavy as counter balance.


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Maarten Baas for NgispeN.

I am very inspired by Dutch people and their kindness. I felt this again  last week end when I visited Amsterdam. There is a kind of energy coming from people all over the city and even more from the creative crowd on the fair.

For me the most innovative ideas come from Dutch designers who find also different firms in Holland and all over Europe to edit their fabulous ideas. I am in love with the work of young designers, Maarten Baas and his clay chairs and Sjoerd Vroonland with his coathanger chair, I love Hella jongerius and the products she is making for Royal Tichelaar Makkum.

I like very much Richard Hutten and Piet Hein Eek who have found a way on their own and a very personal signature, Marcel Wanders is a wonderboy with his products for MOOOI.

I show some pictures that I took on the fair with things that I really like very much.

Sjoerd Vroonland

Sjoerd Vroonland.

The traditional reinterpreted by this young designer. The chain of balls without a begin or an end, with endless applications. Thonet on the balls.

amazing wall of birdcages by Eveline Visser.

Each hole in this birdcage has all the right measurements to have specific birds letting in and they remind me when I glued little planes from Revell together. all the pieces were held in such a frame. Is there a frontier with contemporary art?

me on a Studio Job chair created for the Groninger Museum.

Hella Jongerius for Makkum.

I would like to thank all the people for their kindness.


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From 5 till 13 november 2011 the 4 edition of the Classica lifestyle , decoration fair will be held in the Xpo Halls in Kortrijk Belgium.

I will be a participant with my new concept THE HOUSEWHISPERER and share a booth with my partner John in COLLECTIONSOF.

The board of direction asked me to be in their commity and do the scenography of the exhibition around the theme of this year. THE CHAIR. So I am very busy in a creative way and try to visualise and explain what is that vision, visuality in my head. I have always had a passion for chairs and I have always bought and sold chairs from all origins. So of course I am honored and thrilled to show and most preferably, let feel to the public the connection that chairs from today have with chairs of the past.the way we look and should look at chairs. I would like to show that for designers it is very difficult to create something that is just new and has no value of references in the past. The use of different materials for a same shape throughout the centuries.

My favourite chair is without doubt the TULIP chair by Eero Saarinen. This for being the most elegant chair to look at and to be one of the most comfortable chair ever. In everything, the curves,material, colour white or black and the beautiful timeless fabrics,the finesse of this elegant chair reaches near perfection.

I invite you to share a moment of playfulness with me from the 5th till the 13th november.

thank you very much for reading me.


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