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In Collecting, Fashion, I like, Quick tips on 02/10/2012 at 13:23

We are very proud at WWW.COLLECTIONSOF.COM to present you our new idea about collecting.

Brooches are the new items that we propose for sale.

We are making collections and sell them the way we propose them by theme or colour or genre. These small items can easily rejuvenate outfits that need some updating or you could add them on a LBD or on top of buttons on a shirt. Our aim is to make collections that are statements and should be worn on outfits in a non traditional way.They date from the 1930s to the present. Although most of them are from the 1960s to the 1990s. And some of them are Victorian.I show you some examples of collections of brooches that are ready to be worn.

These brooches are for sale at collectionsof. for between 100 and 150 dollar per set.

For information please contact me on my mail address

Thank you for reading my post.




In Paris, Quick tips on 03/09/2012 at 12:02


As does the French call the end of the holidays and the first month that life is taking back the routine of school going children, the rentrée des classes and the start of work and the reopening of shops and restaurants after the holidays, My thoughts are in Paris now.


It is the month where all the magazines talk about which books to read, which theatre pieces and concerts you have to see and what is new in every domain.

Also every fashion magazine is talking and showing us what to wear and which items are the must haves of the season.

It just means that our active life starts again…….

And indeed the normality of life get a grip on myself. Holidays and travelling are history  and souvenirs and business accompanied with a more structured life is coming ahead. John and myself had long thoughts about business and creating novelties into our collections.

Collectionsof is starting to go global and by now we know better what clients are interested in.

I had the idea to start collections of brooches, beautiful small objects looking a bit dull on the revers of a coat or as a unique piece on a dress. But when put together by 3, 4, 5 or even more can make a statement. More about this in a forthcoming post.



Enjoy your rentrée and September will be a gorgeous sunny month , for sure.

Glad to be back and keep you informed.

Ciao and a bientôt


But this is also part of the rentrée.

Keep smiling and relaxing and enjoy music when you are in such a situation. You will get out of it anyway.



In Fashion, I like, Quick tips on 13/02/2012 at 16:25

Spring Summer 2012 collection of Peter Pilotto.

I like the design and the pattern of these beautiful dresses.

Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos.

Entire collection to see via STYLE.COM

I hope that you enjoy this looks as much as I am.



In Housewhispering, Quick tips on 27/01/2012 at 19:21

At last, my website is online, as by miracle. I am proud of it as I did everything by my own without help, only a little bit from the helpdesk.

I have written the text mainly in Dutch and some English.As I intend to work most of the time in Belgium. A lot to declutter and rearrange in Flanders and elsewhere.

House in Ibiza.


In Bags, Colours, I like, Quick tips on 17/01/2012 at 17:39

That is often true, but in Belgium it could also mean fab bags in VERITAS. As VERITAS is a haberdashery shop on the high street.

If you fancy a new bag and don’t want to spend much money or if you don’t have the money to spend on a Gucci or a Fendi Peekaboo then I assure you they have quite a nice offer. Of course you can not compare Veritas with the quality of a Chanel bag, but for the price, you should run and buy.

A bag is as a lot of other things, one will find it too small or looking too old or don’t like the colour, but all of that is your personal vision. I only want to make people attend on things I see.

And I believe this is worth it.

Who can do better for 59 euro.

This bag is made from leather and has a really beautiful shape. Très chic and Delvaux worthy. I really love this one.

Faux crocodile and still 59 euro

There are some other colours available.

Beautiful red for 49 euro.

And very cute for 29 euro.

surrounded by all these reds, pinks and oranges it was as spring was in the air.

If you are into colour blocking. you will certainly find your bonheur at VERITAS.

sun, spring, summer.


A last snapshot.

I hope that you enjoyed this colourful post.

Thank you for reading.



In I like, Quick tips on 09/01/2012 at 16:00

Om even terug te komen op de kerstshow in Pittem. Wel deze vond plaats in een prachtig oud gebouw midden in het dorp. De eigenaars van dit complex , dat vroeger als een chicorei-ast dienst deed, wilden het gebouw grondig restaureren en er hun eigen stempel op drukken.

Het gebouw was in zulk een slechte toestand, dat de architecten die er werden over aangesproken, het project van restauratie niet aankonden en het gewoon wilde afbreken.Tot dat architect Donck op hun pad kwam en de eigenaren een riem onder het hart stak en de restauratie ter harte heeft genomen, met een wel prachtig resultaat.

Het gebouw dient om feesten en evenementen te organiseren en er is veel aandacht besteed aan de inrichting, waarvan 3 kleurrijke monumentale kroonluchters de absolute aandacht trekken. Een open haard, hedendaagse Chesterfield canapés, perspex stoelen van Philippe Starck geven het geheel een hedendaagse mix.

Er kunnen huisconcerten gegeven worden, er is een vleugel ter plekke, kooklessen,grote keuken fully equiped is aanwezig. En nog veel meer.

Kijkt U gerust eens op de website van CHIC O RAY op de website:

Ik toon alvast enkele foto’s van het interieur.



In Decoration, I like, Objects, Quick tips on 29/12/2011 at 15:15

Mix and match, but as a good chef who knows the job, there is a limit. And the limit is good taste. And if you can’t really describe good taste at least the eye will discern it and the brain will distinct it. The new  maitre mot you read in every magazine is: put together, mix and match, everything goes together, Well no! Not every ratatouille is a good one. There is a certain amount of good ingredients you can put in your receipt and one of the ingredients that always will work in a house is wicker.

hanging chair from the 1960s

You will never have enough of this material in your home, it is always chic. Be it baskets from St. Tropez or Ibiza for your daily shopping who are stacked together in a corner of your hallway or baskets you put on your desk with decoupages from magazines or articles to read, or wicker footstools in your living room together with more elaborate furniture or coffee tables made by Habitat in the 1960s or a hanging chair with a big cushion in cotton. A wicker basket for stacking wood near the chimney, boxes in wicker in your dressing room to keep paraphernalia or a chair

that looks as a sculpture in your bedroom to throw your négligé before a wonderful night of sleep after a last glimpse in the wicker mirror.

for more information please have a look at the site of

P.S. : Look in the wicker mirror when you wake up in the morning and I’m sure you will have a nice day, anyway a good start.


Thoughts strange

In Quick tips on 26/12/2011 at 23:51

I’ve always thought that it is strange to try to recreate an atmosphere in a house or  in a room from some far away country, where their light and smells and  colour-vibrations are so different or where people live differently in their homes.

When you listen to Music in an Oriental country, you can be touched and be driven away in the feeling of that particular moment. The temperature, the connection, the spirit, the smell of flowers and perfumes, the small noises that surround you, the different light that make the perception very apart for that moment. It is impossible to recreate that moment in your own surroundings with the music.

The same can be said for your houses.Each country has it’s particularities in style, light, materials, colours whom are proper to the place.

I never understood why people would try to recreate a Morrocan theme in their house in the middle of Brussels or buy half of their stuff from an Indian import shop after having been on holiday in the preposed…..oeioeioei country.Souvenirs, must the impact be that big or can it still stay a bit subtle.

I am a firm believer that every country without looking to close to the boundaries has its own beautiful materials and styles. There is also the possibility for each one to create his own style.

It is already difficult for loads of people to create an atmosphere of a lived in feeling, in their house with the things they own without going into the exotic atmosphere. Mixmatch souvenirs, group the things you bought on your holidays and make statements who after the first rain back home will look out of their place. colour has disappeared.shape is too big and shinny, wood has nests of little animals that you didn’t see when you where on the frenetic hunt.

And we can go on like days with such examples. I’ve my nightmare period again. Do i still have a Suzani pillow to much on my bed

I will put it in the hallway for this night and see if it helps.

as you all have an amazing bright eye for stock of holiday souvenirs and stuff, pictures would have been to much

Princess Beatrice of Yorks Hat on William and Kate wedding.

In Fashion, Quick tips on 23/05/2011 at 09:13

THE hat...

The hat designed by Philippe Treacy for Beatrice of York  sold on Ebay for 81100 pounds (around 100 000 euro). The money will be split between 2 charities. Bravo to the generosity of the buyer.


In Collecting, Decoration, Quick tips on 10/04/2011 at 07:30

It is very important to declutter, to regularly be strong in your minds and edit your closets, cupboards, dressing rooms and so on…..there is no shame to admit that all of us had regrettable buys in our lives. But it is no reason to have it remembered  ad vitam eternam. That is why the two scillables R and E that makes RE as in RE-invention, RE-style, RE-born,RE-use, RE-vamp, RE-invigorate and so many other, are so important.One will need to RE-imagine our living space. Whether we live in a small apartment in a city or a five bedroom house in the country, we will never have enough space. Also we don’t move every couple of years to look at all the ”THINGS”  with a fresh eye.

W e have to do the movings in our own house. E BASTA….

Principle one: DE-clutter and RE-organise. You should do it room by room and not too much at once. We can be a strong person but when emotions are involved, it becomes veeeeery difficult

I would suggest that you make three well separated parts, If possible out of the room that you are RE-doing.

Number one is : I keep definetly.

Number two should be: I will consider keeping or giving.

Number three will be: I will definitively separate from this item.

If I consider each step apart, then the first step is a difficult one, because you have to be sure that you will use the THING  frequently.

The time is over that we kept our objects in the cupboard with the excuse of: BUT my …… Or, I inherited it from my great……..and we took the dust of all the precious things for the sake of dusting…

Imagine your rooms, de-cluttered the way you really want , but still have to admit it. Marvellous perspective isn’t it.

The time is to clean up and clear our minds. Well, this is very sure an aspect that we have to consider very carefully. A clear mind lives in a clear and clean house.

We know charities in every country to donate things that for us are meaningless and can be a source of joy for so many others.Please when you are working out a room ,be precise and don’t begin with: Ha ja I can maybe make a bit money selling this or maybe I should keep it for ……….. forget ebay!!!!! It is anyway nicer to buy then to sell. All the hassle: for what?Just for peanuts!!!!

NO!!!!!! is the rule. You keep, you give and in the worst case, You throw away in a container.


If you want to keep things then use them on a daily base.the mocka cups in Japanese porcelain are so good for our daily shots of cafeine. The Baccarat glasses fit in the dishwasher, Yippie……..  Oups, one is broken…… so what. If it is not today it will be later, but brake it will.

Give to the kids, so all of them will not start their independant live with an IKEA set of 4, all in a box ,for 9,99.

Don’t forget a gift is a gift and do NOT tell them to be careful. Comprendo!!!!!

It will give your kids the joys of beautiful things that they can use on a daily base.

Of course if you have the chance to own an 18th century Sevres porcelain dining set for 24 persons, you will take care of it. It could belong in a museum. But apart from this, the dining set of your gran from the mid twenties is to be used,of course if you like the pattern.If you don’t like ,then give away.

pppfffffff enough for lesson one today.

Imagine a beautiful day in spring with only the things you need and want to use.Your mind is clear and the cupboards are well organised. Sipping Champagne in the Lalique glasses you where always so carefull with, A perfect day…….

To be continued.

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