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I like a non sophisticated look for myself.No fashion victim (anymore lol) but I absolutely like to be well dressed. I show you some pictures from the style that I am wearing, Unfortunately I can’t yet take images of myself to post and show you, Maybe in the future.

Anyway enjoy these pictures who come from my board MENS CLOTHING on PINTEREST.

I love to mix designer pieces,(Dries Van Noten is one of my favourite designers) and the cheapest clothes that I can find. My favourite shop is PRIMARK. for pants, shirts, and the thing that is in fashion, as army pants, bright coloured chinos and I always buy their fab socks. I like UNIQLO as well(cashmeres)and the designer editions from H&M.

At the moment I like to combine jeans jackets with combat pants and heavy shoes. because of the weather right now,

Otherwise chinos, nice belt, designer or not and white or grey T shirt and I’m a crazy bag lover… and I like brown suede shoes….

I’m lucky to choose my own style and I don’t have to fit in a peculiar dressing code.



House whispering.

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I need stress to work in. Sometimes I like when I have to much time. I spend it on myself and I do whispering in my own house. experimenting with the things I have, different places for objects and furniture and so on.  When I feel a bit of depressed I go to fold everything in my dressing room or reorganise my magazines or books. Till all is done then I can begin to read and concentrate on work .Stressed , a la derniere minute.

Well that is what I did the last days, putting all the stuff outside again that I really don’t need. I do almost have empty cupboards. Really yes!!!!

In fact we need not that much things around us, I didn’t think that some years ago. I thought that happiness was possession, but no, happiness is inside yourself. You just need the time to discover it and then the time to accept it. It doesn’t come like an angel leaning on your shoulder. It came with time and through experience. and is different for everybody of course.

Anyway, I put a load of things out the house and it feels now so clean and quiet, more minimal. no more colour, no more decoration, I don’t want to create effects as I see in magazines. I just want to have the house getting more structure and not cluttered, I know also that a lot of things happen in the head and indeed I function like this.

composition in earthy colours and materials

Le printemps

First days last year,just moved in 3 days ago

Of course I like to change things around the house because I don’t like static things and I like still to discover new things and people. It is also part of happiness.And of course it helps when one is living in a nice house and beautiful surroundings and have objects and things to surround you that make your life more easy and enjoyable.

It is very subjective. I adore my house,but I’m sure some people will not like it because I possess nothing. I have no need of possession. Anyway I would like so much and from such quality that my finances will never allow me to buy let’s say a painting by Francis Bacon or a bureau Mazarin.

For me the effect of a painting by an anonymous artist that catch my eye and soul is of much better value. The value of my mind.

And yes I like beautiful clothes but with one Dries van Noten jacket I am very happy  I can wear it every day with T shirts from Primark that cost 2,5 pound. and jeans that fit from Uniqlo for 19,95 pound and always with expensive or fashion shoes.but once you have 1 pair of black Prada and UGG boots you don’t need to buy any more of the same

I wish you all a merry Christmas.



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I went this week to Dusseldorf with Miriam to have a look at what is new in town and to go to our favourite shops. The sales had already began in the top end shop Eickhof on the Konigsallee. It has to be said that they begin to sell the winter collection beginning of June. So it is wonderful to buy the summer clothes in may at 50 to 70 %. Givenchy, Balmain, Gucci among other brands are part of the sale.

A beautiful new shop opened some months ago on the Koningsallee: victorinox, the manufacterer of the Swiss army knife. Not only the traditional knives where on display in this grand shop but also a vast collection of travel gear, fashion, cutlery and perfumes.

We went from one shop to another and I was so busy that I forgot to take pics most of the time. But I still post the ones I like.

Victorinox on the KO pronounce KEU

Beautiful colour for a Art Deco hanger at Swarowski Crystal

Our preferred terrace between the KO and the Altstadt.

Alaia at Jades

So beautiful.

Where is me.

I loooove the colour ccombination.

Miriams ''Dolce'' moment at Zara.

Time to go home.

Iris Apfel: When dressing becomes art.

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Iris Apfel is one of the most enigmatic,iconic women of the twentieth and the beginning of this century. Some years ago I saw a picture of Mrs. Apfel and  I thought ,without knowing who she actually was, that she looked eccentric and very special. In those days I wasn’t that interested in Style and Elegance.

 Although a while ago I saw again some pictures of Mrs Apfel on the net and thought that she actually is quite some woman. A woman with a strong personnality to wear forte colours, big chunky jewellery, even tribal art around her frêle frame. Mrs Apfel, a philantropist, who was an interior designer and co-founder of the Textile firm: Old World Weavers has always been her own stylist, mixing and matching couture ,vintage, high street and ethnic with the contemporary and  She looks each time convinced of what she is wearing and it becomes her natural way of living.
A refreshment in our minimal world. Extravaganza with style and without vulgarity is the summum of style. In any case be yourself, do things for yourself. I think that this is the message that Mrs. Apfel want to send into the world.

And then of course Mrs. Apfel wears those fabulous trademark glasses. Bravo Madame Apfel.

I like: Miriam and her style

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Miriam is my best, best friend and we get along very well, of course….. hehe would she be my best friend otherwise !!!!!! Together with Ree she has always been a constant in my life.

I like, and she does tooooo, go for shopping, my best mate for shopping trips,yippie…. Either in London or in Dusseldorf , Maastricht, Antwerp or the Hague or even in outlet villages in Holland and Belgium we always find energy and time to stroll around and discover shops and just things…. to buy….

I love Miriam’s style and the way she mixes up different styles and moods.She understands as no other the mix of the cheap and the chic, the fun of putting together the chic stuff with the high street . The chic to wear a hat ”and my oooo so fantastic, I want to sleep with my’ UGGs.”  Do all of this uncontrolled, the natural way.

(2 winters ago Me, myself and I succumbed to a pair of UGG boots and I have to admit in all sincere honesty, even if I hate to. It was my best buy ever……..,).

bon, back to the subject…..

I show here some pictures of Miriam ,but taken before I even thought about blogging and put these pictures on the net, so excuse me for the poor quality of the images, but style is there anyway…pictures taken for autumn winter 2010.

Style has no date.

Donna Karan wellies, Hunter faux leopard socks,vintage Mugler jacket, Natan skirt and the buy from the year necklace from Lanvin for H&M. Already a collectors item

 A closer look

Donna Karan coat, Tory Burch scarf,I want my UGGs and hidden the big Sofia by Ferragamo,on Oxford Street.

I will sleep with my UGG boots, with Dolce Gabbana skirt and jacket on warm cashmere.

Always with a smile.Riding pants, black cashmere, Zara jacket and a collection of colourful jewelry from charity shops.

Ralph Lauren boots,riding pants, Zara jacket and my little turquoise camera.

Little black dress by Zara... why not....we need 2 lbd from Zara for all the parties coming up

Zara cashmere coat... we like!!!!! we dont often disagree.

Stefanel, perfect fit, we love.

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