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Don’t be frightened, I know it is a very loved Italian saying and not one of the most polite , but in this case it is the truth.It really expresses what is in the mind.

Can you imagine that one day this should happen

Well one of my favourite light designers did.

It is the name given to the chandelier he designed years ago.


The little funny story, behind it, is that he named the chandelier” Zabriskie Point” in relation to the famous movie by the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni where at a given point the hill cliff  villa explodes and one sees the images again and again… beautiful.

When he unveiled his creation, the public screamed ….”PORCA MISERIA ” and surely also MAMMA MIA……….and that is why he renamed it.





Amazing objects by amazing people.





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I absolutely loved living in Bruges. After 3 years however, I had done the tour of the city and wanted to move somewhere else in Belgium, nearer to my kids and friends.

Antwerp seemed to be a positive change . I had the opportunity to live for a couple of months in a friends house whilst this was giving me the time to look around for finding a new home for myself.

The fun of going to a big city, I mean for belgian standards is the possibility of finding a variety of places to live and also to have a choice in different kind of homes… I saw quite a lot of places the last weeks and the more I saw the more I knew what I didn’t want and what I was attracted to.


Well my friends, I found one morning looking around my nose in the air some offices for rent in the middle of the city centre, under the cathedral of Antwerp and near to the Boerentoren, a well known landmark in Antwerp.


I found this incredible space of 200 sq. meters with rooms to create a living/office space, kitchen, bedroom and a huge dressing room, for my less and less collection of clothes…. I can make an enormous outside garden on top of the roofs of the first floor with a urban view.



Some pictures that I took on my first visit.

My idea is to keep the office “look”and make a quite comfortable space to live in… Next post I will show you the results of the beginning works of the changing from office to home.


Thanks for reading this teaser.









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At last a sunny Sunday. Woke up at 6 and went with John to the car boot sale in Brighton. On the seafront and no wind. Only sun and smiling people


It is a funny thing to search after objects to complete collections and find nothing on the first walk around. And then in the next hours the eyes discover a lot of new things and the creative mind comes in action.



It really looks messy !!!!

Anyway I found quite a lot of nice things and had new ideas for collections.My new idea that I’m working out right now will be posted soon



A new collection will definitively be “sang de boeuf” vases and a collection of wooden chandeliers. I’m also thinking about putting interesting shapes in wood together..


Wish all of you a wonderful summer.

Benoit. At


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Yesterday we where all day working with the Max Mara team in their new shop on Westbourne Grove. But more on my next post about this collaboration between and Max Mara Week End.
So after having lunch with some friends at the farmers Markets on the Kings Road, I had 2 hours to spend on myself and went walking from Sloane square to Knightsbridge and do what the French describe so well as ” lèche vitrine” what means exactly “licking windows” and the Dutch call so innocently as ” kopen met de ogen ” what means “buying with the eyes” and it is what I did

Nice weather and in an extremely good mood I went passing by and photographing the most amazing window displays. Sooooo inspiring and full of energy as the one from Harvey Nichols and Harrod’s or understated as the Gucci one. So chic. It stroke my eye without noticing immediately that it was Gucci. Seeing the Hyde Park number 1 from the Candy brothers is spectacular almost build in the middle of the street. They have the city life at their back and the Hyde Park greenery at their front.
My goal was the sales at the Uniqlo shop on Knightsbridge…. Drama… They closed down.. Pppffff need to go to Westfield shopping center now 🙂

Look at the pictures who speak for themselves.


The Farmers Market.

Sloane Square.


PRADA a/w 2012.




Amazing GUCCI.


Explosive display at HARVEY NICHOLS.



Windows displays at HARROD’S.




And then I had to look for my favourite uniqlo shop that is replaced by a German brand that I don’t mention.
Anyway I was smitten with the enormous Gucci bags in recycled paper and the explosive Harvey Nichols displays. So, no cheap cashmere but my mind full of
wonderful ideas.

Have a nice time.
Sparkling of summer is coming to us the next days and we will enjoy the Car Boot Sales and….. The beach.



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Reading some magazines I was attracted by bags in straw or rattan which were so fashionable in the 60’s. I remember my mother having this kind of bag.And now for this summer, in the hope we will get one, because it is autumn at this very moment, it is all over us again, in High Street shops as well in the Designer Brand shops.

I show you some examples that I like.

Jimmy Choo

Kate Spade.

Kate Spade.

Kate Spade.

Tory Burch

Anya Hindmarch

Rebecca Minkoff

Bop Basics

Felix Rey

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Hard straw box bag at

I wish you a sunny straw hat and bag summer.



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Not such a good image from the apartment before furbishing.

I like to change my apartment following my moods and creativity. Seasons and light play also a definite role in remodelling. As doing House Whispering for clients I begin with my own surroundings.

Often with the same things and sometimes with the left overs and the wrong buys from the business. I will show you pictures of different settings.

I hope that you will enjoy this post.

The chicest and cheapest sofa: Ektorp from IKEA.

I am a fan of cushions.

Winter setting.




The wall is still not painted. Artistic or lazy.



Latest addition. Chair in carved wood effect by Kreiss Collection from California, upholstered with an old Kelim













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Let us ,for a while forget the iconic bags as the Birkin and the Kelly by Hermes or the matelasse by Chanel or the duffle and holdall by Louis Vuitton and let us have a look around what could become a IT bag or will never be one or just will have the pretention of would be,

should a IT bag be expensive? NO

look at this beauty by Zara in a very thick saddle leather and gold plated finishings for under 100 pounds

In tan and black for winter

Without any doubt the pliables by Longchamp are iconic bags.It began as a modest folding bag in 3 sizes and in a couple of years it put the house of Longchamp on top of the world.

What not one single bag could achieve with the brand of Lancel who was a very posh brand in the 50s and 60s or some other middle class bags, Longchamp made the ”Swatch” of bags the ”Golf” of cars. Always chic et de bon ton with a good pair of shoes, an oversized pliable . on a white mans shirt over a pair of jeans and loads of bangles and a woman is always chic. Every season declined in new textures and colours and prints

In the family we bought them from the beginning, You could play football with it stuffed with the clothes of the children going to boarding school or you could be as a magician because when you had no more there was always another. Des petits plaisirs de tous les jours,

Longchamp had the brilliant idea to create a foldable multi purpose bag and each season making affordable special editions as this special Christmas edition.even asking artists to make limited editions

As the new mot du jour is (and this for the last 3 years) less is better and we need to make choices we will go for the unique. The one bag who suits us the most and go for personality .Of course the budget will need to be a bit more then a pliable,

Go shopping without buying and make a list of bags you like and the purpose of them. Colour, size, use. Tell yourself that you have one budget and just need one bag. What will be your maximum affordable price.

I should say, go for a classic bag from a big brand that shows chic and personality. try to avoid the brands who struggle and have been part of a bourgeois culture. They will be always part of that culture of recognition. And try to resist the fashion bags as they cost more then 50 pound.

no more must have in Belgium by Delvaux.

new must have in Belgium by Givenchy

chic to have by YSL.

evergreen by Mulberry

My favourite Chloe.

Peekaboo by Fendi

so not new but still so chic by Chloe.

All these classic fashion bags I found on the site of, except the Brilliant by Delvaux who even is the most expensive of them all.

See you later for more.

House whispering.

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A client where I did the house for  about 15 years ago asked me to do some changings in her house without buying new items or redo completely.So I thought: lets HOUSE WHISPER this house and change bits and pieces to give it a fresher look. I began in the morning to run around in the house( 4 levels) and as I saw again all the rooms, ideas came to my mind how to do the rooms on the ground floor.


It is in fact a crazy thing, but for years I have been buying and selling furniture for my clients and for myself and now I am in the state of mind that less is easy as well for the eye as for the head. I see immediately when coming in a room what should change and certainly what would go. From now on I will travel with a big container and empty ,eliminate in the houses of my clients and take everything to Charity shops or Krinkelwinkels. We have too much stuff. Things we never use, things we bought, because buying is a pleasant thing. Things we received from ……….. you know what I mean.

So I was in Line’s house and without any help and confining Line to the kitchen (a big one tough) I started to shuffle ,change, ELIMINATE and put objects and furniture in different places. I had some help at a certain moment from a handyman and then at the end of the day I released Line and she had an inspection and liked what I did, no big changes, but the house seemed so much lighter.

Entrance before


Entrance after


Entrance before


Entrance after


Library before


Library after


Library after


library before


Library after


Library after

Just some pics of the house.Whether the reader does like the house or not is not important for me. I just want to show that with subtle changes in a room the ambiance can feel better. It is not evident to show this through a microscopic lens when taking pics trying to show the reality that you see in front of you and you’re moving in. I will ask Santa Claus for a good camera that I will never have with me when I need it. Or Apple to enhance the quality of their Iphone. Or maybe me taking pictures quietly .



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Welcome to my blog and thank you for your time. I will write about Homes and Objects and Fashion and other things that I like and keep you informed about my new ideas about changing houses without throwing everything away.

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