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All the fashionable young French brands are having a shop in Antwerp, and all of them are in the same street.

The Schuttershofstraat, where you will find also the stores as HERMES, BURBERRY, MONCLER, COCODRILLO, DELVAUX AND OTHER.

The ones I am talking about are typical french new wearable fashion.











ISABEL MARRANT is missing in this list, but maybe soon. Anyway for the hard die fans, from 14 november at H&M

Have a nice day





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My apartment in Bruges, is rented to some of my best friends for whom I did some houses in Belgium and abroad. I’m very happy that they could rent ist as they want to leave their very beautiful house in Antwerp to live closer by the seaside.

My friend has her own very determined style and it is the base for what we will do in Bruges.

As she has an extensive collection of 18th century furniture from French and Italian origin it is easy to pick out the pieces we will put in the apartment.

I show you some pictures from my place when I used to live there and the painting that is almost finished before we begin the decoration.

I will show you as well some of the furniture that will move from Antwerp to Bruges.


The first visit , 3 years ago.







From when I was living there.




Painting: Terre d’Egypte from Farrow and Ball.



Sofa, carpet, chairs and table for Bruges.

To be continued.

Wish you all a wonderful week end.




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I had some time to spend in Brussels yesterday. It was about a year ago that I didn’t go to our capital.and I thought that wandering around, would be the best way to have an impression of what Brussels is today, at least part of it.

In four hours one can not discover a city, but only go through some “quartiers” and see what has changed.

I will show you pictures of some buildings that I like and from some new shops.

And, by the way I was in the SCAPA shop with our Royal Princess Mathilde, She looked very beautiful in a simple blue dress and a YSL bag in brown suede.

Couldn’t take a picture of her as it would have been very inappropriate.

Galerie de la Reine.

I thought that this is a cute idea. High Rise towers made out of Film rolls.

Window display at the DELVAUX boutique


”At the sudden death”, One of the oldest brasseries in Brussels.

The “St Michel and St Gudule” Cathedral with a Gothic inspired office building, that I like very much.

Business and banking district.

The “Palais des Beaux Arts” by Victor Horta.

The “Mont des Arts” with a sculpture of Alexander Calder and in the background The gothic tower of the “Hotel de Ville”

The former “Old England” shop that became the Museum of instruments.

On the Boulevard de Waterloo you will find the shop of Christian Liaigre, run by my good friend Isabelle Reynders who is one of the biggest talents in interior decoration in Belgium.


Beautiful FERRAGAMO.


DIOR on the Boulevard de Waterloo.

The lovely boutique of Parisian fashion designer TARA JARMON.

Pictured in the NESPRESSO shop the new limited edition CREALTO . Delicious.

The “PALAIS de JUSTICE” is a restoration in progress.Will never be finished…….. ;-))


ABERCROMBIE & FITCH have their Belgian outpost in a beautiful city palace. Amazing interiors in black and gold…..

Love this building.

Brussels “park” restored by famed garden architect Jacques Wirtz.

Belgian Parliament.

Private residence in the park. The interior is lit by candles, every day of the year.

The beautiful French Chancellerie.

Artwork by Arne Quinze at the Flemish Parliament.

The former residence of the Princes de Merode.

Never seen this lady before on the avenue Louise. Often one has to look up to discover things… such as this euhhh… work of art or……..

The Victor Horta house on the avenue Louise.

Les Beaux Quartiers……

And the end of my walk, before having dinner at my friends fabulous new house.

Thank you very much to have that little stroll in Brussels with me. Of course there is much more to see, but it will be for in autumn on another sunny day.

Enjoy your week end. Hot and sunny in Belgium, I’m escaping to Knokke het Zoute…… and walk on the beach….in the sun ….




In Bags, Fashion, I like on 25/07/2012 at 17:08

First of all I show you a picture of the DELVAUX boutique’s window display in Bruges. I think it is cute, not really new or amazing, just a bit summer feeling.

Since DELVAUX was bought by a large Chinese company, I believe some things have changed and I was very surprised that I saw in a mail from Selfridges that the BRILLANT (Still my favourite one) is sold between the likes of Philip Lim, Mulberry, Givenchy and Alexander Macqueen

I like pretty much the bicoulered ones. And I like the all black in the biggest size. A very chic bag, when weared casually with jeans and tee’s. I show you at the bottom a very bad picture that I took on a rainy day before returning to Brighton. Tant pis for the quality of the image. It’s quite artistic !!!!
Though they are more expensive then the other brands, (the BRILLANT is around 1/3 of the price of a KELLY bag) the BRILLANT is handmade in the DELVAUX ateliers in Brussels.


Window display in Bruges.





Thanks for reading and enjoy the beautiful hot summer that we have at the moment.




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What a change we are getting through. From the flamboyance of Galliano to the spirit of Christian Dior splendidly interpreted by mister Simons. When I look at the images I feel the hand of Dior making subtle drawings on paper from the ideas he always preconised. French (parisian) chic, femininity, HAUTE COUTURE, made wearable for many women and fashion as I like it to be. Durable, beautiful now and in years from here. Understated luxury and not a nouveau riche show off.





Images courtesy

Thank you for reading.



In Architects on 10/05/2012 at 07:14

Since I am on Pinterest, I saw a lot of pictures of minimalist houses. Most of them are in Japan. The audacity of the architecture left me open mouthed. I saw some times in magazines houses that I liked , but never realised that there was such an open minded variety of concepts. And the ability to realise them. It is not in Belgium, with our still very traditional approach to architecture of the past, that you would see these incredible houses where actually people live in.

And I don’t believe that the climate is making the difference.

I show you some examples here.

KAWABE NO SUMIKA ( Riverbank House)


House in Nakameguro, Yoritaka Hayashi Architects. Tokyo.

House Tokyo by Sanpei Junichi of A.L.X. architects.

Tadao Anda.

House in Abiko by FUSE-ATELIER.

House in Meguro. Mount Fuji Architects.

Na House By Sou Fujimoto

Curiosity Inc Tokyo.

Kanagawa. Norisada Maeda Atelier

Apartment building in Katayama. Mitsutomo Matsunami Architect and Associates.

Minimalist Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

I wish you all a nice day.


source: Architonic, Minimalissimo,Leibal blog, Subtilitas.Pinterest.


In Bags on 20/04/2012 at 10:10


Belgian company Delvaux is coming out of their range of the eternal classic bags with a  variation in fluo lime leather of their most beautiful bag ever.The BRILLANT was created in 1959 and has always been a bestseller in Belgium. It has always been a bit  the poor parent of the Kelly and the Birkin by Hermes, but certainly a bag with the same class.

I was walking through Bruges this morning to get my newspaper in the library on the Grote Markt ( you will see a glimp of the market in the reflection of the window.)and passed by the Delvaux boutique and the colours made my day, It is young, au gout du jour, daring and of course beautifully hand crafted.

Warhol inspired window display.

Colour splashes.

Beautiful red.

Market place in the reflection of the window.

More fluorescent then this you can't get.


I wish you all a very sunny fluo day and let this colour inspire your wardrobe young and old.

It is joyous and in the perfect dosage,a very chic colour.

Thank you for reading this post.



In Fashion on 10/04/2012 at 19:52

Raf Simons is appointed as new head of design at the couture house Christian Dior.

I am very proud as being Belgian that John Galliano is being replaced by Simons. The contrary of flamboyance, back to the roots and the DNA of the house of Dior with the first Haute Couture show in July of this year.

Simons proved that he knows what he is doing. cfr. his work at Jill Sander. A man with his head on his shoulders.

I wish him all the luck in the world to have a successful career in this venerable house and I hope that Dior will becoming a chic brand as it was a long time ago.

Raf Simons

Christian Dior.

Bettina Grazziani in Dior Haute Couture.

Carnival with John Galliano.

Raf Simons for Jil Sander.

Raf Simons menswear collection A/W 2012-2013

House whispering.

In Housewhispering, Uncategorized on 16/10/2011 at 17:42

A client where I did the house for  about 15 years ago asked me to do some changings in her house without buying new items or redo completely.So I thought: lets HOUSE WHISPER this house and change bits and pieces to give it a fresher look. I began in the morning to run around in the house( 4 levels) and as I saw again all the rooms, ideas came to my mind how to do the rooms on the ground floor.


It is in fact a crazy thing, but for years I have been buying and selling furniture for my clients and for myself and now I am in the state of mind that less is easy as well for the eye as for the head. I see immediately when coming in a room what should change and certainly what would go. From now on I will travel with a big container and empty ,eliminate in the houses of my clients and take everything to Charity shops or Krinkelwinkels. We have too much stuff. Things we never use, things we bought, because buying is a pleasant thing. Things we received from ……….. you know what I mean.

So I was in Line’s house and without any help and confining Line to the kitchen (a big one tough) I started to shuffle ,change, ELIMINATE and put objects and furniture in different places. I had some help at a certain moment from a handyman and then at the end of the day I released Line and she had an inspection and liked what I did, no big changes, but the house seemed so much lighter.

Entrance before


Entrance after


Entrance before


Entrance after


Library before


Library after


Library after


library before


Library after


Library after

Just some pics of the house.Whether the reader does like the house or not is not important for me. I just want to show that with subtle changes in a room the ambiance can feel better. It is not evident to show this through a microscopic lens when taking pics trying to show the reality that you see in front of you and you’re moving in. I will ask Santa Claus for a good camera that I will never have with me when I need it. Or Apple to enhance the quality of their Iphone. Or maybe me taking pictures quietly .


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