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Don’t be frightened, I know it is a very loved Italian saying and not one of the most polite , but in this case it is the truth.It really expresses what is in the mind.

Can you imagine that one day this should happen

Well one of my favourite light designers did.

It is the name given to the chandelier he designed years ago.


The little funny story, behind it, is that he named the chandelier” Zabriskie Point” in relation to the famous movie by the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni where at a given point the hill cliff  villa explodes and one sees the images again and again… beautiful.

When he unveiled his creation, the public screamed ….”PORCA MISERIA ” and surely also MAMMA MIA……….and that is why he renamed it.





Amazing objects by amazing people.





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I got the idea to make a chandelier for collectionsof when having the boot at the Classica fair.

I wanted to make a statement and make something with recycled objects. Recycling is the new leitmotiv in my  life and I thought that I could make something that could be liked by all ages.

And yes, the bears that I often saw in charity shops and in car boot sales would be the perfect item.

I went with my partner on a bear huntings through Sussex and I found an astonishing selection of teddy bears and other animalia, soft and very cute  in all sizes and colours, from the typical Harrods bear to Walt Disney’s Donald Duck.

I made a structure in wire (kippedraad)and Nina Marie, a creative young girl came to help me to fix all the bears on the structure. She did almost all of the work and did a terrific job.

at the fair

in a childs bedroom

A bulb on the inside and little lights inbetween the bears and the magic works.

and one can begin to dream.



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This chandelier that I made with the help(90%) of Nina Marie, a very talented young girl, daughter of my best friend Regine,was the eye catcher on our stand. I made it with teddy bears and other animals stuffed with small Christmas lamps and hang it in the completely black booth. Black carpet,black ceiling, black walls, 13metres long tablets,Louis XVI commode I had it all paint in the same mat black paint. A friend of me made specially for our booth a sofa/double chaise longue in an almost black fabric.I needed some space to hide our coats and other stuff , so I bought a large sheet of black shiny pond foil and covered a large round table with it. Absolutely not practical, but very funny and chic and cheap.

some of the collections of objects


sculpture by Fons Schobbers

My Friend Delphine Boel showed some beautiful pieces of the BLABLA serie.Also did Ineke Otte,with her absolutely gorgeous bijoux and Fons Schobbers with 2 amazing sculptures in polyester.

John showed a vast assemblage of different style collections and we had a really amazing time. explaining to young daddies how to make a chandelier as well as changing every day our jewellery to promote Ineke, mostly we had little rats in rubber running up the sleeves of our blazer or i wore an armband in plastic grass. see picrure

It was so funny to see the amazing look in childrens eyes and hear mothers and grandmothers say, hooo we have so many teddies at home, should do something with it. Many Christmas tree will be shaped with teddy bears and surely small chandeliers will be made inspired on this one.

picture by photojoost

Delphine in teddy bears.We understand each other so well.

Mission accomplished

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