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Don’t be frightened, I know it is a very loved Italian saying and not one of the most polite , but in this case it is the truth.It really expresses what is in the mind.

Can you imagine that one day this should happen

Well one of my favourite light designers did.

It is the name given to the chandelier he designed years ago.


The little funny story, behind it, is that he named the chandelier” Zabriskie Point” in relation to the famous movie by the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni where at a given point the hill cliff  villa explodes and one sees the images again and again… beautiful.

When he unveiled his creation, the public screamed ….”PORCA MISERIA ” and surely also MAMMA MIA……….and that is why he renamed it.





Amazing objects by amazing people.





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I am not a fashion connoisseur. It is only love at first sight. I have a coup de coeur and I’m in love. Well I am very much fanatic about the superb collection of Veronique Branquinho whom was the first to open Paris Fashion Week and whaouw what a start

I leave to other people to describe the collection. I can only show pictures of what is a collection of rare beauty and simplicity, wearable and super chic. I see much of my friends wearing pieces of this collection, because it is much their personality.

Let’s start with pictures.


These clothes are all in simplicity and reminds me of the GUCCI show in Milan. this collection has the same pared down look as found in the couture of the sixties.Only references no copying. Influences by Mme. Grés and ancient Greece in the fluidity of the garments. I don’t know, but it is what jumps into my mind.. I’m lyric about this collection and proud that she is doing so well and again a great Belgian talent on fashion firmament.

To wear armbands on the upper arm can be a bit ordinary but here in this collection it is completely right and even chic especially on top of the white shirt and in fact with all other clothes…. Trendsetting…. I think.




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I’ve always liked classic items in a wardrobe and one of these is the CAMEL COAT. Where else to look for one then MAXMARA.

The undisputed brand has the most iconic and the most beautifully cut coats in cashmere and wool. the same with the trench coat that you will buy at BURBERRY.

I love their contemporary looks with a classic twist.

I show you some examples of coats that I like this season ,not only camel but some other too

I love all these looks Perfect for the winters we don’t have anymore.

Wish you all a nice monday and a perfect beginning of the week.

Auf Wiederschauen


Photo credits MAXMARA show F/W 2012 via STYLE.COM



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As does the French call the end of the holidays and the first month that life is taking back the routine of school going children, the rentrée des classes and the start of work and the reopening of shops and restaurants after the holidays, My thoughts are in Paris now.


It is the month where all the magazines talk about which books to read, which theatre pieces and concerts you have to see and what is new in every domain.

Also every fashion magazine is talking and showing us what to wear and which items are the must haves of the season.

It just means that our active life starts again…….

And indeed the normality of life get a grip on myself. Holidays and travelling are history  and souvenirs and business accompanied with a more structured life is coming ahead. John and myself had long thoughts about business and creating novelties into our collections.

Collectionsof is starting to go global and by now we know better what clients are interested in.

I had the idea to start collections of brooches, beautiful small objects looking a bit dull on the revers of a coat or as a unique piece on a dress. But when put together by 3, 4, 5 or even more can make a statement. More about this in a forthcoming post.



Enjoy your rentrée and September will be a gorgeous sunny month , for sure.

Glad to be back and keep you informed.

Ciao and a bientôt


But this is also part of the rentrée.

Keep smiling and relaxing and enjoy music when you are in such a situation. You will get out of it anyway.



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Sebastian Herkner, designed for MOROSO this range of objects, baskets named Basks. Inspired, when on a trip to Spain, he visited a company producing yarns with paper.He developed with Moroso and this company a special paper and technique to use in a tridimensional way and create useful objects to store things.

Even used upside down,they have a function as small side table.


For the German company,CLASSICON, Herkner designed side tables that make us think.

We are not used to see a heavy material on top of a transparent one. This gives a troubled vision.

Our perception is tricked by the upside down use of glass and metal. Oeps…. it will brake, was my first reaction, when I saw this table.

The transparency of the glass bell makes the heavy material that is used on the top seem as floating

A real beauty.


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B&B ITALIA has edited a very beautiful table designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. The English duo has been inspired by the round pebbles in Japanese gardens.They called the table ”TOBI -ISHI”.

The top and the 2 bases are made of different materials. The top is made from wood and the base ,from polyutherane. The finish,although is made of a cement grout to create a kind of leather effect.

For me this is an example of timeless design that will look astonishing in different styles of homes and interiors.

I hope that a dining table will be edited too. Not really as for dining, but to put in an entrance hall or in a living room with objects on display.

Happy Mother day to all mamas of the world.



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Since I am on Pinterest, I saw a lot of pictures of minimalist houses. Most of them are in Japan. The audacity of the architecture left me open mouthed. I saw some times in magazines houses that I liked , but never realised that there was such an open minded variety of concepts. And the ability to realise them. It is not in Belgium, with our still very traditional approach to architecture of the past, that you would see these incredible houses where actually people live in.

And I don’t believe that the climate is making the difference.

I show you some examples here.

KAWABE NO SUMIKA ( Riverbank House)


House in Nakameguro, Yoritaka Hayashi Architects. Tokyo.

House Tokyo by Sanpei Junichi of A.L.X. architects.

Tadao Anda.

House in Abiko by FUSE-ATELIER.

House in Meguro. Mount Fuji Architects.

Na House By Sou Fujimoto

Curiosity Inc Tokyo.

Kanagawa. Norisada Maeda Atelier

Apartment building in Katayama. Mitsutomo Matsunami Architect and Associates.

Minimalist Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

I wish you all a nice day.


source: Architonic, Minimalissimo,Leibal blog, Subtilitas.Pinterest.

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