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I would like to show you the different stages of living in the only room where I could  stay during the dramatic floor painting of the living/showroom.

From the first moment I saw it till now.

My apartment is in constant change, but the base is almost finished.

I hope that you will enjoy the pictures as much as I didn’t enjoy camping.







Marquetry wall.




camping extreme



I took the marquetry panels from the wall and it went of very easy, as the wallpaper came of.

I glued the panels to the wall 🙂

Not that smart but the only way to put them straight.



never ending change on this wall.





I took this picture today.

I would like to thank ERDÉ for her wonderful help.

Everything you see on these pictures is for sale. If you want some information, feel free to contact me.

 I hope you enjoyed reading.

I wish you a nice and dry day.

Thanks for reading





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At last a sunny Sunday. Woke up at 6 and went with John to the car boot sale in Brighton. On the seafront and no wind. Only sun and smiling people


It is a funny thing to search after objects to complete collections and find nothing on the first walk around. And then in the next hours the eyes discover a lot of new things and the creative mind comes in action.



It really looks messy !!!!

Anyway I found quite a lot of nice things and had new ideas for collections.My new idea that I’m working out right now will be posted soon



A new collection will definitively be “sang de boeuf” vases and a collection of wooden chandeliers. I’m also thinking about putting interesting shapes in wood together..


Wish all of you a wonderful summer.

Benoit. At


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Since some years I spent a lot of holidays in this very pretty vacation home in the hills of Ibiza.My friends Miriam and Jan are perfect hosts and we are always on the run in antiques shops and markets to find objects that are Morrocan inspired and from ethnic origine.

I show here a selection of pictures that show the atmosphere of the house.

Morrocan pottery in the kitchen

Moroccan pottery in the kitchen.

Still life on the kitchen counter.

Entrance hall.

One of the bathrooms.

One of the colourful bedrooms.

House whispering.

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I need stress to work in. Sometimes I like when I have to much time. I spend it on myself and I do whispering in my own house. experimenting with the things I have, different places for objects and furniture and so on.  When I feel a bit of depressed I go to fold everything in my dressing room or reorganise my magazines or books. Till all is done then I can begin to read and concentrate on work .Stressed , a la derniere minute.

Well that is what I did the last days, putting all the stuff outside again that I really don’t need. I do almost have empty cupboards. Really yes!!!!

In fact we need not that much things around us, I didn’t think that some years ago. I thought that happiness was possession, but no, happiness is inside yourself. You just need the time to discover it and then the time to accept it. It doesn’t come like an angel leaning on your shoulder. It came with time and through experience. and is different for everybody of course.

Anyway, I put a load of things out the house and it feels now so clean and quiet, more minimal. no more colour, no more decoration, I don’t want to create effects as I see in magazines. I just want to have the house getting more structure and not cluttered, I know also that a lot of things happen in the head and indeed I function like this.

composition in earthy colours and materials

Le printemps

First days last year,just moved in 3 days ago

Of course I like to change things around the house because I don’t like static things and I like still to discover new things and people. It is also part of happiness.And of course it helps when one is living in a nice house and beautiful surroundings and have objects and things to surround you that make your life more easy and enjoyable.

It is very subjective. I adore my house,but I’m sure some people will not like it because I possess nothing. I have no need of possession. Anyway I would like so much and from such quality that my finances will never allow me to buy let’s say a painting by Francis Bacon or a bureau Mazarin.

For me the effect of a painting by an anonymous artist that catch my eye and soul is of much better value. The value of my mind.

And yes I like beautiful clothes but with one Dries van Noten jacket I am very happy  I can wear it every day with T shirts from Primark that cost 2,5 pound. and jeans that fit from Uniqlo for 19,95 pound and always with expensive or fashion shoes.but once you have 1 pair of black Prada and UGG boots you don’t need to buy any more of the same

I wish you all a merry Christmas.



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I got the idea to make a chandelier for collectionsof when having the boot at the Classica fair.

I wanted to make a statement and make something with recycled objects. Recycling is the new leitmotiv in my  life and I thought that I could make something that could be liked by all ages.

And yes, the bears that I often saw in charity shops and in car boot sales would be the perfect item.

I went with my partner on a bear huntings through Sussex and I found an astonishing selection of teddy bears and other animalia, soft and very cute  in all sizes and colours, from the typical Harrods bear to Walt Disney’s Donald Duck.

I made a structure in wire (kippedraad)and Nina Marie, a creative young girl came to help me to fix all the bears on the structure. She did almost all of the work and did a terrific job.

at the fair

in a childs bedroom

A bulb on the inside and little lights inbetween the bears and the magic works.

and one can begin to dream.



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This chandelier that I made with the help(90%) of Nina Marie, a very talented young girl, daughter of my best friend Regine,was the eye catcher on our stand. I made it with teddy bears and other animals stuffed with small Christmas lamps and hang it in the completely black booth. Black carpet,black ceiling, black walls, 13metres long tablets,Louis XVI commode I had it all paint in the same mat black paint. A friend of me made specially for our booth a sofa/double chaise longue in an almost black fabric.I needed some space to hide our coats and other stuff , so I bought a large sheet of black shiny pond foil and covered a large round table with it. Absolutely not practical, but very funny and chic and cheap.

some of the collections of objects


sculpture by Fons Schobbers

My Friend Delphine Boel showed some beautiful pieces of the BLABLA serie.Also did Ineke Otte,with her absolutely gorgeous bijoux and Fons Schobbers with 2 amazing sculptures in polyester.

John showed a vast assemblage of different style collections and we had a really amazing time. explaining to young daddies how to make a chandelier as well as changing every day our jewellery to promote Ineke, mostly we had little rats in rubber running up the sleeves of our blazer or i wore an armband in plastic grass. see picrure

It was so funny to see the amazing look in childrens eyes and hear mothers and grandmothers say, hooo we have so many teddies at home, should do something with it. Many Christmas tree will be shaped with teddy bears and surely small chandeliers will be made inspired on this one.

picture by photojoost

Delphine in teddy bears.We understand each other so well.

Mission accomplished

House whispering.

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just moved in a year ago

I really like to go into peoples houses and look around and think what I would change. It is funny that with the same things in one house you can make so many different decors. The best place to practise is my home. I like to work under stress and I create my own. The only one I, in fact that I enjoy.I need to have a clear head before working on an article or now making plans for the Classica Biennale. And a clear head means a clear surrounding. I know that this sounds crazy but it only sounds like that. I clean before I work. no I don’t scrub floors or do loads of washing, NOOOOO……. Je fais le menage around moi. Clean desk who for the moment is a large round table. I can not work on a round table,It is painted in a soft grey, I can not work on dark surfaces. and it is quite messy up here, I can not work in messy spaces, but I have to make an exception for once. It is preparation for the fair.  So in my head a valuable excuse. But my apartment is reduced to its maximum that I can bare.


No colour, only whites and off whites,natural materials. some black but still no colour, in bedroom red carpet.and much black. and I still whisper around to chase the superflu. the things one really don’t need. John just bought me a microwave.thanks darling.I made space to put it ,but not in the kitchen. I emptied the kitchen cupboards to put all the visible things in it . So no more things on top, except a bit dust and breadcrumbs that the Dyson can’t reach.

a month ago

It is so wonderful to have place to sit and work on the tablet near the window as the light is so wonderful this time of year and especially now. low and a little pinkish, coming through the windows, reflected by neighbouring windows. It is everywhere. Such a warm light  me so happy, clean house , clean head et voila me writing as crazy.



And Cheryl Cole singing  in the background. The same 7 songs for hours. I enjoy my thoughts and writing. I have no pics of the kitchen, not really worth it, better in reality. And as I never cook I don’t want it to look to much as a kitchen too. Yes I eat, but I hate cooking. I have friends, Yes, they come for a drink and then I invite them in one of Bruges fritures, hahahaha. Yes Bruges has the best and most posh friture of Belgium.. CHEZ VINCENT. Or I take them also in restaurants. Bruges has so many good ones. Anyway I enjoy receiving my friends for a drink, but no cooking, no dirty dishes,no disagreable odours,no washing of pans and spots of spaghetti sauce on the floors and no endless waiting in front of the coffee machine till everyone is served with an expresso  except the one friend who wants an infusion ,but no place for the water cooker as all surfaces are taken by empty plates and dirty glasses, panic and sweating……

Some more pics of the Transition commode (new) that I would like to sell. 750 euro

mix and ... match it is all in feelings.


the squief wall is from the chimney. squief is schuin in het engels 😉


marvellous light in the beginning of the afternoon with the house I live in the background, the one with the half round window.

Thanks for reading.



I like: goodbyeedison

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Les fines (the thin ones) created by Goodbyeedison

I fell in love with these extremely elegant lighting objects from the moment I saw them. For me this  is the kind of object that works as a statement and can stand on his own. Of course put this lamp on top of an antique chest of drawers or in front of a 17th century painting and it will give a gorgeous effect. As well that it can be beautiful in a pared down interior . Lighting is in evolution so fast and after the horrible low energy bulbs we look forward to more usage of the LED and the magic light it produces.



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Welcome to my blog and thank you for your time. I will write about Homes and Objects and Fashion and other things that I like and keep you informed about my new ideas about changing houses without throwing everything away.

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