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All the fashionable young French brands are having a shop in Antwerp, and all of them are in the same street.

The Schuttershofstraat, where you will find also the stores as HERMES, BURBERRY, MONCLER, COCODRILLO, DELVAUX AND OTHER.

The ones I am talking about are typical french new wearable fashion.











ISABEL MARRANT is missing in this list, but maybe soon. Anyway for the hard die fans, from 14 november at H&M

Have a nice day





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DIOR COUTURE 2013/2014

I am a lover of the beautiful and why shouldn’t I be, and why should I be afraid of telling it.

I have the eye to distinguish beauty from something else.. Is it being pretentious… I don’t think so. It is my reality.

Why do I think something is beautiful I don’t know.. Feeling, emotion, loving, attraction……

Sometimes I need some explanation to open my eyes to novelty and that is what happened in the case of Raf Simons for the Christian Dior Haute Couture collection.

My best friend Mimi was invited to see the collection last monday and of course I was interested by what my compatriot was doing for this third Couture collection.. At first glance at the images, I didn’t like… Yesterday I went to see the video of the show on and was amazed by what I saw and I have been reading the comments of Tim Banks about the show, and indeed with some information I understood what the collection is about and again BRAVO for mister Simons for this new approach on couture..

I am sure that this collection will be worn by woman all over the world who have the panache and personnality to wear these creations in the same way they wear a jeans and a white T..


I show you some of the pieces I most love.

Thank you for reading this post.




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So much into what is coming for S/S 2013 that I almost forgot that fall 2012 is just starting and winter is yet to come. No problem when I look at this beautiful collection from Alber Elbaz for LANVIN.

Please enjoy this chosen pictures with me.

All credits and full coverage of the show at





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I like a non sophisticated look for myself.No fashion victim (anymore lol) but I absolutely like to be well dressed. I show you some pictures from the style that I am wearing, Unfortunately I can’t yet take images of myself to post and show you, Maybe in the future.

Anyway enjoy these pictures who come from my board MENS CLOTHING on PINTEREST.

I love to mix designer pieces,(Dries Van Noten is one of my favourite designers) and the cheapest clothes that I can find. My favourite shop is PRIMARK. for pants, shirts, and the thing that is in fashion, as army pants, bright coloured chinos and I always buy their fab socks. I like UNIQLO as well(cashmeres)and the designer editions from H&M.

At the moment I like to combine jeans jackets with combat pants and heavy shoes. because of the weather right now,

Otherwise chinos, nice belt, designer or not and white or grey T shirt and I’m a crazy bag lover… and I like brown suede shoes….

I’m lucky to choose my own style and I don’t have to fit in a peculiar dressing code.



In Fashion, I like on 08/09/2012 at 07:57

I love the luxury and chic look of Canadian born and Paris based designer Tara Jarmon.

In this post some pictures of her Fall-Winter 2012 collection.


In Cities, Fashion, Paris on 04/09/2012 at 13:26


What a brave idea to rename the pret-a-porter collection of Yves Saint Laurent in Saint Laurent Paris.

I believe that Mr. Saint Laurent would have approved this as he, himself named his pret-a-porter collection SAINT LAURENT RIVE GAUCHE.

Saint Laurent was well aware of the changing mood in society and 2 years before the big and violent manifestations of MAI 68 he opened his first boutique and named it RIVE GAUCHE. Referring to the more intellectual and creative side of the Seine.

Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Francoise Sagan, Juliette Greco,Les deux Magots, La Coupole,Brasserie Lipp, Boulevard Saint Germain are some names that remember us this side of Paris.




I’m off for a walk in this amazing weather and be back later.

Bye for now.



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As does the French call the end of the holidays and the first month that life is taking back the routine of school going children, the rentrée des classes and the start of work and the reopening of shops and restaurants after the holidays, My thoughts are in Paris now.


It is the month where all the magazines talk about which books to read, which theatre pieces and concerts you have to see and what is new in every domain.

Also every fashion magazine is talking and showing us what to wear and which items are the must haves of the season.

It just means that our active life starts again…….

And indeed the normality of life get a grip on myself. Holidays and travelling are history  and souvenirs and business accompanied with a more structured life is coming ahead. John and myself had long thoughts about business and creating novelties into our collections.

Collectionsof is starting to go global and by now we know better what clients are interested in.

I had the idea to start collections of brooches, beautiful small objects looking a bit dull on the revers of a coat or as a unique piece on a dress. But when put together by 3, 4, 5 or even more can make a statement. More about this in a forthcoming post.



Enjoy your rentrée and September will be a gorgeous sunny month , for sure.

Glad to be back and keep you informed.

Ciao and a bientôt


But this is also part of the rentrée.

Keep smiling and relaxing and enjoy music when you are in such a situation. You will get out of it anyway.



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What a change we are getting through. From the flamboyance of Galliano to the spirit of Christian Dior splendidly interpreted by mister Simons. When I look at the images I feel the hand of Dior making subtle drawings on paper from the ideas he always preconised. French (parisian) chic, femininity, HAUTE COUTURE, made wearable for many women and fashion as I like it to be. Durable, beautiful now and in years from here. Understated luxury and not a nouveau riche show off.





Images courtesy

Thank you for reading.


Fabrics I like

In Decoration on 21/01/2012 at 17:14

When I  was working as a full time interior designer I would always work with  fabrics from famous companies.

My favourite fabric designer in the eighties was Manuel Canovas, well known for his bold designs of flowers in the most elegant colour combinations assorted with an astonishing variety of plain fabrics as chintz, silk velours and satin cottons and this in the most marvellous colours. This was in the pre beige,greige, grey linen period we live in at the moment.

Manuel canovas

Another master of fabric creation was Jack Lenor Larsen. I worked with a travel case that contained little square samples of all the fabrics. Rich embroidered silks with little plasticised mirrors to the most dazzling handwoven wool fabrics to make cushions and upholster chairs.

Jack Lenor Larsen fabric for a chair designed by Pierre Paulin for Artifort.

For the more traditional interiors I worked a lot with a Swiss company called Zumsteg and the very old French house of Comoglio that was bought by Pierre Frey in the 1990s.To upholster chairs , my favourite material was horsehair by Le Crin. I also liked very much Rubelli and Colefax and Fowler. In the eighties working with Designers Guild and Souleiado was very fashionable. It was the period when the Indian cotton Dhurries were in fashion. An overload of soft colours and a base for many an interior. The most beautiful came from Shyam Ahuya, whom I visited in New Delhi.

Indian handwoven cotton dhurrie

It was in a period when going to Paris and London to do the fabric fairs was quite a posh. It was in a pre internet world. A smaller world where you could express yourself very individually.

Now things have changed. I think that people take less time for their house and go in the malström of mass ideas. In magazines and books, it is very often the same kind of interior that is showed, often without personality. Anyway the influential magazines of the 80’s and 90’s have disappeared and  what is left is of no comparison with what I was used to read.

Well, everything changes. Nothing stays the same and so did I. I had this wonderfull time being surrounded in my office with all those colours and fabrics and now I see decoration in a new way and with another kind of fabrics and inspirations

Fabrics that are soooo beautiful, but comes from Market places wherever I travel. I buy old French bedsheets to make slipcovers. I go to Zara Home for pillows and throws ,Ian Mankin has wonderful striped cottons and I like a lot of  cushions at Ikea and Hema. I buy wool fabrics in clothes fabric shops to cover seats and I like pinstripe fabric for suits to make curtains. With some luck and patience I find the most amazing linens for normal prices and of course I let my imagination work in another way. Fun and versatility, changing moods, evolutional moods. Creativity, Low budget thinking and a lot of wandering around open my mind to constant innovative ideas.

Colours ins clothes fabric shop.

Silk velours in a London market.

Ian Mankin - London.

So chic.

 When it is possible to use fabrics made in the region where I work, I do it. I use Mallorquina fabric in a house in Ibiza and I use linen in Belgium.

Typical Mallorquina.

Belgian Linen.

photo credits: Pinterest.

Pierre Paulin at the Elysee Palace

In Decorateurs, Decoration, Paris on 09/05/2011 at 22:08

As one of the iconic designers of the second half of last century, PierrePaulin was asked by French President Georges Pompidou to create some contemporary rooms for him and his guests in the Elysee Palace in Paris. He created those iconic rooms, in the beginning of the seventies. It was the period that the Modernist President created also the Centre Beaubourg also known as the Centre_Georges_Pompidou and Mme Claude Pompidou befriended  couturiers as Pierre Cardin and Andre Courreges.

The Pompidous daringly redecorated some of the apartments at the Elysée with Op Art and Nouveau Réalisme. There were aluminium walls by Yaacov Agam. Serge Poliakoff designed plates and the sculptor Etienne Hajdu made vases and soup tureens.

Le fumoir at the Elysee palace

chairs of the Elysee Palace

Dining room with console by F. X. Lalanne.

lamp at Elysee

Pierre Paulin

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